Paragon: Twin Blast - skills / abilities guide

Twin Blast is the perfect choice for beginners in Paragon. The Ranger fights with two guns he is especially popular in the late game for some good damage. Below we give you all information about Abilities, Skills and the role of twin Blast in MOBA.

Paragon: All about Twin Blast

Twin Blast belongs to the class of Ranger and uses mainly his two guns - akimbo style. In MOBA he assumes the role of a carry. That is, he must level up to start of the game, until much to provide in the late game as the main damage dealer for terror among the opponents. As a player you should with him initially farm and earn better gear before you can really help him with your team.

His attacks cause only physical damage. Due to his high level for the basic attack damage he is very suitable for beginners.

Abilities und Skills

The basic attack of Twin Blast consists of a double shot with his gun, which he performs either permanently when the corresponding button is pressed. It also benefits from a passive skill, which allows him to tag opponents, when you have taken with one of his Abilities. Label opponents can be added with further attacks bonus damage.

At Twin Blasts Abilities include:

- A quick plunge to dodge in any direction.
- A skill that affects both passively and actively. Passive benefits Twin Blast from increased attack speed. Enabled his Ability, you will receive a bonus on your attack speed and any opponents, during the period of marked activation. However, during the cool-down, you lose the passive bonus.
- You can throw Twin Blast a vortex grenade that caused damage within and slow enemies therein. Enemies hit are also marked.

For his ultimate Ability Twin Blast transformed his pistols to cannons that use up rocket salvoes in quick intervals, causing bonus damage and can face many Minions consecutively.

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