Street Fighter 5: Back from Hell tips for Survival

In Street Fighter 5, you expect more game modes and one of them is the Survival Mode, which we have covered in a separate article. One of the problems that it entails, is the difficulty "Hell", you must complete it in order to obtain the title "veteran". In addition, you will be rewarded with one of the trophies and achievements - "Back from Hell".

The degree of difficulty "Hell" brings, in addition to the title and the achievement, although no color, but lots of EP and Fight Money. You see, it is worthwhile to devote to this task. For this you must survive 100 fights.

On the YouTube video you can see how "easy" you can customize the Back from Hell. The prerequisite is that you can attack more than an hour with a single blow. Understand it is not wrong! You must still be fast and can dodge well, because your opponent cannot be intimidated by your attack.

Tips on surviving difficulty "Hell"

So you manage all fights, we need only use an attack again. For this you select the fighters Ryu or Ken, as they have the Punch "Shoryuken". You have to learn this attack quickly run consecutively and prepare to block and to respond to attack the opponent.

The following tips will help you:

- To perform a "Shoryuken" (ascending dragon fist) on the PS4 press Right, Down, Right, Triangle (medium impact). With PC forward, down, forward, medium impact.

- Since the first 10 rounds are fairly simple, you should score much here. Switch between the Stages fighting boosters score chance free. But keep in mind the effect of the booster. Score-Chance 2 halve your health, but gives you a lot triple score. Select this fight Booster only if you are sure you can make up for the penalty.

- Collect your score if possible in the first 30 laps. Heals you if you must, but do not waste your points for further booster.

- From Stage 50, you probably need to fill your health bar after each round. Here you need to have enough score points.

- If you have not increased your health from the 50th battle, chooses "Stronger defense".

- The average impact is advantageous here - you should better push him into a corner between attacks.

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