Street Fighter 5: Fang move list and attributes guide

The first character in Street Fighter 5, makes the use of poison in fighting, Fang is probably one of the most interesting new additions and enables new battle tactics for players who are trying to control him. Below we show you what he is capable of and give you information about his moves and the attributes.

Fang’s outfits suggest a Chinese origin. His size is fundamentally different from those of the other fighters, because he is extremely tall and thin and has an elongated face. He makes use various toxic mixtures in the fight. His character values illustrate his enormous range thanks to the size. Dement counter is the lower strength value.

Fang appears to be always elitist and condescending on to others. He is loyal to M. Bison and Shadaloo and sees himself as number 2 in the ranking. Generally, he is fixated on the number 2 and he is exactly 222 cm tall.

Fang's fighting style is Chinese Kempo and he is the First Street Fighter to use poisons. This cause of Success damage over time and allow the life bar of an opponent shrink even after the attack. His signature moves are Nishodoku and Dokunomu.

Power: 2/5
Health: 3/5
Agility: 3/5
Technology: 3/5
Range: 5/5

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