The Division: use fast travel - how it works

In The Division, New York is not exactly small, fast travel will help to reach loang distances in seconds. However, the fast-Travel function is not just obvious and also only works under certain rules and at predetermined locations. As you can quickly travel in the tactical shooter, we tell you in our guide.

The Division: Enable Fast Travel feature

In the game, on the map navigate to any location. Top left display the place whether the fast travel is possible at this location. Press depending on the system you play on the appropriate button for quick trip (PlayStation 4: Square and then X, Xbox One: X and then A).

The fast travel is possible only to the following places:

Base of Operations
Story Missions
Players in your group

Pretty much any area which has an orange symbol is therefore suitable for Fast Travel. Notice, however, that the fast travel feature does not work in the Dark Zone. Neither addition, nor you can quickly travel.

As how the Fast Travel works in practice, you can see in the following YouTube video.

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