XCOM 2 - expand the Avenger properly: facilities and features

For your success in XCOM 2 it is important that you expand the correct Avenger. The rooms have different functions that support you in the fight by having effect on the healing of injured soldiers, the progress of the equipment and so on. Which rooms are available at XCOM 2, which functions they have and how you can use them effectively; learn it in this guide for proper development of the Avenger.

XCOM 2: Removing Avenger correctly

Strategically, it is important that you know which rooms have what features. Thereby you can better plan the expansion of your Avenger with XCOM 2. Below you get a description of the rooms that you can build and in addition we give you some tips relating to each area. In the overview you can find the cells which are available from the beginning and the rooms that you can build.

The Shadow Chamber is part of the story and allows you to decipher alien information. If you build special rooms on the Avenger, you have to first get rid of the alien ruins. Do you have enough energy and supplies, you can then build the spaces. You should expand the Avenger correctly and adapt your tactics because the built spaces consume inventories for maintenance monthly. So don’t build unnecessary spaces.

Facilities: Research

Between battles you are on the Avenger and can build there rooms, research and development. In the space research you then examined the corpses of defeated aliens to develop the best weapon against them. In addition, research has functions scientists view (shows you the list of your scientists), access to archive (shows you all completed research) and research change (you want but first explore something else, you can do it here).

Note: the following tips for Space Exploration in XCOM 2

- You should always explore something. Is a research completed, start the next.
- Exploring Aliens is quick, and you get good rewards.
- Recruit as many scientists as possible. Thereby the research become faster.
- The research, which are marked with stars, you should explore first, because they are essential for missions.

Facilities: Engineering Department

The technological results of the research will be manifested in the art department. Clean the engineers and build premises and take care of the test area. In the engineering department you can watch the list of your engineers, the objects created in the test area and your inventory. Additional tips:

- The further down, the slower the cleaning of premises is progressing. Set more engineers on cleaning and thus speeds up the process.
- Generally engineers are particularly important because they can build of spaces, the healing of soldiers and production speed in the test area.

Facilities: Armory

In the armory you can get your soldiers and troops manage, view and customize. If you have lost the battle too many soldiers you can recruit in the armory. The deceased soldier you can look on the honor wall. Additional tips:

- Save before every fight, so you can play the Reload when you lost a soldier. In this way you will able to dispense with the recruitment of new soldiers.
- The soldiers you can also manage directly before the fight in the menu.

Facilities: Command

In this cabin start your story in XCOM 2. Here you can read all the information on the action and your targets. In XCOM, archive all terms are explained and provided information on persons and functions. The Avenger report is among others an overview of the premises and its maintenance costs.

Facilities: Workshop

The workshop is a special room in which the placement plays a particularly important role. With the help of the room, you can build more effective the Avenger. The room itself provided for you to build drones, the same effect as having engineers. Consider the following case:

- Drones can only be placed in areas that are directly above and below, but are of the workshop also left and right. You cannot use drones diagonal.
- If you employed two engineers in the workshop, you have four drones available (two drones per engineer).
- Rooms where you can place any engineers should be built only on the diagonal to the workshop. So you use the space around the workshop is most effective and can in XCOM 2 the Avenger expand properly.

Facilities: Power Relays

The energy relays provide the Avenger with energy. This space is a particularly good source of energy in conjunction with engineers.

- Power relays: Built it supplies the Avenger with 3 energy.
- Engineer in Power relays: More 5 Energy.
- Second engineer in space: More 5 Energy.
- A second engineer you can use if you have expanded the space. Should you right in the game need a boost of energy, always looks first to see if you left you an engineer, before you build a new energy-space.

Facilities: Progressive War Center

If you want to expand the Avenger properly, you will need the advanced war center. This is one of the most important rooms in XCOM 2. Here you can speed healing by placing an engineer. This saves you half the time for the healing of your soldiers. Moreover, their skills can retrain. If you have once made a wrong decision with respect to the abilities of your soldiers, you can change them in this space.

Facilities: Guerrilla Tactics School

With this room you can increase the size of your squads. You gain access to the school by the armory. Here you can specialize the recruits and adapt your needs. Furthermore, you can buy combat tactics for classes and for all soldiers in guerrilla tactics School. The battle tactics "troop size 1" and is "troop size 2" should not be underestimated. It gives you the ability to use up to six soldiers to go to battle.

Facilities: Central Communication

This space is also important if you want to expand in XCOM 2 the Avenger correctly and progress through the game. So you can contact more Continents and resistance cells, set its engineers in the communications center.

Facilities: Laboratory and Psi-Lab

Laboratories where you placed a scientist accelerate your research additionally. If you have built a Psi lab, can develop into Psi soldiers you your recruits. Thus, the fifth is Class at XCOM 2 into play.

Facilities: Test Area

In the test area you can create exotic items for your soldiers that you strengthen further in the fight against your opponents. Again: An engineer speeds up production.

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