Tips for playing XCOM 2

In XCOM 2, you will always have to rely on your supplies. Therefore, it is important to have a lot of resource. Engineers are particularly important in your project since they will assist you in the construction of the premises. Their main support is that they accelerate the construction of spaces. Set a more engineers to build even faster. Also research is an essential component in the fight. The more scientists you have on board, the faster your research will move forward. Set scientists to the laboratory and you will be done with the research much faster.

Tasks between missions

You find yourself just on any mission; you will have plenty to do. Think about what you want to do next and meet all the preparations. For this, you have many options. Make sure that you have ongoing research.

If you have any wounded soldiers, then send an engineer in the advanced war center. This will accelerate the healing process. In general, you should verify that all the engineers have a task. If not, then you should assign them tasks.

XCOM 2: Facilities

In XCOM 2, you must clean their rooms and assign a purpose. Since it is a time consuming task, you should start it as soon as possible. If you have enough engineers you can build your rooms faster. In the list you will find tips on what areas you should have at the beginning.

- Guerrilla Tactics School: If you have expanded this space, your soldiers can level up faster. For this, you still need upgrading "bloodshed".
- Progressive war center: To be able to heal your troops quickly you should build an advanced war center an engineer who can speed up the process again.
- Test area: In the test area you can build exotic equipment, without the need to explore first. This is your way to stronger forces.

Procure and use inventories

Inventories require you to build and conduct research. Therefore, they are great importance for your victory. Make sure that you are not sold too many of them and they are missing at the end. If you are in planning your space, then you should look for space in advance and what resources you need for it. Collect all requirements in advance. To avoid unnecessary waste inventories, you should not equip every soldier with all sorts of items. How do you get to stocks, you can see from the following list:

Missions: stocks you will receive as a reward for the end of missions.
Black market: If you have information, then you can exchange them simply to inventories.
Scanning: You can search for supplies storage depots.
Resistance: You will receive supplies if you contact the resistance cells.
Radio Relay: Build it to get supplies.
Council: The Council adds you monthly inventories.


There are four different types of missions that can fulfill:

Evacuate the VIP – If you have a VIP escort him to the destination, so that nothing happens to him. Let the enemies not to close to him.
Keep your ADVENT-retaliation - Save min. Six civilians and kill all enemies.
Foray - This mission is not about to capture objects. All you need is to eliminate the enemies and don’t damage the train.
Hack workstation - Here the goal is quite simple, but you must hurry. Place a soldier next to the terminal and hack this, then eliminates all enemies.

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