10 best free PC horror games to play in 2016

Listed below are some of the best survival horror PC video games that combine stealth and mythological beings, or that tell urban legends and make trips through the dark side of the human mind. Check out the selection of the 10 best free horror games available to play on your PC.

The Static Speaks My Name

The Static Speaks My Name is a free exploration game that can be dark, funny and disturbing at the same time. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac on Steam and the official website, the game tells the story of a man on the last day of life.

The game is short and the focus is not on gameplay. The plot explores the main character and his strange fixation on a mysterious picture. Not a game scares or monsters, but dark moments involving issues such as depression and suicide.

Medusa's Labyrinth

Medusa's Labyrinth is a game for Windows that mixes horror and Greek mythology. It puts the player in an inspired setting in Ancient Greece, using stealth and survival elements to create an immersive and disturbing experience. With the first-person view, the goal is to explore dark labyrinths and catacombs abandoned to unravel mysteries, without getting caught by mythological monsters.

In visual and gameplay terms, Labyrinth's Medusa reminds Amnesia: The Dark Descent. For a short, free game, ambiance and the look is neat, as well as puzzles. The title is available on Steam.

Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear was a Half-Life mod and got very free version, with more than eight hours of gameplay. The graphics are dated but at the same time, create a sense of nostalgia for those who dug the first titles from Valve. The game combines the most popular elements of the horror genre, such as survival, scares and moments of tension and hideous creatures, plus the excellent co-op mode.

The whole ambiance is quite immersive, creating a nightmare in the game. Among the free games, Cry of Fear is great for those who like to play with friends. The game is available on Steam and the official website.

Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender: The Eight Pages is the famous game of urban legend Slender Man, available free for Windows and Mac. The game proved simplicity and terror that can go hand in hand to create truly terrifying experience, able to stir the imagination of the players. The legend created life and became very popular on the Internet, with over 2 million downloads.

The goal is to find eight pages in the dark forest, using only a flashlight. There are no weapons to attack or defend, only time that can be ally or enemy. With black suit, slim body and face expressionless, Slender Man will always be lurking. You cannot always see it in the dark and it can appear at any time.

Spooky's House of Jump Scares

It is hard to imagine that something cute to be scary, but Spooky's House of Scares Jump manages to combine terror and lovely in one. But do not be fooled by the simple graphics, which look like a horror version of Minecraft . The game has over a thousand doors to explore, with scenarios that the player does not expect to find.

Spooky's House of Jump Scares is free, light and provides good hours of scares. The game has multiple endings and is available on Steam and Desura.

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes is a horror RPG with unique visual and unique arts. The graphics and mechanics are the highlights, simple and complex at the same time, creating a bizarre and uneasy atmosphere. The game is available on Steam for Windows and was developed in RPG Maker. It is not as short as it sounds and can have from one to three hours, depending on the player's skill in puzzles and exploration time.

The protagonist is a murderer who escapes from death row. Fleeing the underground, the game challenges the player to "close their eyes" and detached from the past, in a trip by the surreal and evil world.

Port of Call

Port of Call is a horror game for those who have fear of the games of this genre. It can be considered "lighter", only with dark touches and uncomfortable atmosphere, no alarms or scenes of strong violence. The game is focused on exploration and narrative with a protagonist who lost all memories.

He wakes up in a port and is invited to get on a boat. There should investigate the passengers to try to find clues about his past. The game can be short, but the dialogues are interesting, well-written and cartoony and obscure visual helps create the atmosphere of suspense. Port of Call is free and is available on Steam.

Eyes: The Horror Game

Eyes: The Horror Game is a horror game in first person with free versions available for PC, iOS and Android. It is recommended for fans Slender: The Eight Pages, since the title has some game elements, such as mechanical and visual. In the role of a thief, the player must explore a mansion to steal bags with valuables.

However, it is no mansion; there are several rumors about haunting and paranormal events prowling the site. No weapons to defend themselves, you can just run and hope not to be found. Eyes: The Horror Game is also a short game, but exciting and addictive, with many scares and tension moments. The game can be downloaded for free at the official website.

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