Far Cry Primal - Bullseye location, trophy / achievement guide

In Far Cry Primal, there are 50 trophies and achievements and a platinum trophy for the PS4. One is Bullseye. To get this achievement, you have to follow some steps. Among other things, you have to build your village and farm material.

First of all you have to find Jayma. This specialist is the first task on your way to "Bullseye". Once you have recruited Jayma, you will need to build her hut quickly in order to perform the second step. This is necessary so that you can make the longbow, the best weapon is the Bullseye Trophy. Next, you build you a longbow, for that you need these resources:

- Jayma’s Hut (Level 1)
- 14x North Cedar
- 12x North Black Rock
- 10x North Clay

To get these materials, you have to move to north of Oros. There you will not have a lot of fun, if you are not prepared for the winter. In a further guide you will learn how you can make winter clothes which will be necessary for this purpose. To shorten the search, you can upgrade the Sayla’s hut to Level 2 and thereby obtain some resources faster. Exactly how this works, you read in our guide to farm rare material.

Bullseye Location

Have you created the longbow, you can equip it easily. This is in the weapons menu. There you can switch between the different types of weapon. What do you still need to get Bullseye in Far Cry Primal, is the owl. This you get from the specialists Tensay once you've got him in your settlement.

Go to the area marked on the map and place it outside the outpost in the creep position, lest you become discovered. However, other outposts also work. Call your owl and find yourself an opponent who is not running around but lingers in one place. Highlighted him, so that the distance to the enemy appears. Go closer, until the distance is 70 meters and aimed slightly above the head of the opponent. You must succeed the head hits, so that you get the Bullseye Trophy of Far Cry Primal.