Far Cry Primal - rare material farming tips

In Far Cry Primal, you can tame beasts or kill in order to potentially get to scarce raw materials. This you need to manufacture new items, or be able to expand your village and carry out upgrades of huts. In this article we show you how easy it can be to farm rare material in Far Cry Primal.

At the beginning of the game you get to know Sayla. She is a gatherer and one of the specialists who’s with new supply skills. If you want to farm rare material fast and infinitely in Far Cry Primal, then this mentor will be your best friend. Once you have built a hut for Wenja-sister, she will put daily new raw materials to reward stock.

You go to sleep during the night and wake up at dawn, you can see on the left top of the screen, the Info "The daily raw materials are now available in your reward stock." This means that we need only to go to your reward bearing and find out which commodities Sayla has collected in night. The downside to this method is that you cannot determine in advance which resources you will receive. If you want to farm rare resources quickly in Far Cry Rimal, you have to go one step further.

To give you a higher chance of scarce raw materials with this procedure, you need to upgrade Sayla’s hut for a second time. In order to perform the second upgrade you need to fulfill the following:

35x Alder wood
20x Slate
20x Reed
4x Mammoth Skin
40x Population

If you have succeeded the second upgrade, then you can repeat the procedure and will find from now on often rare resources in your reward stock. When no further raw materials added during the night, you can save and exit the game. Start the above procedure there again, the trick should work again.

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