Far Cry Primal - find and make / craft winter clothing

Far Cry Primal set in the Stone Age and in the game you have to tame beasts, prove your skill in the combat and survive the winter. The winter clothing is not the only stuff you will find in Oros. It also offers you numerous artifacts and collectibles. How you can get winter clothes in Far Cry Primal you will find out in our guide below.

Upon entering the cold zones of Oros, a cold display will notice you. This should not be too much trouble, if you have proof clothes for the winter, which you can make yourself in Far Cry Primal. But before that you have to recruit specialists Karoosh. If you have already recruited him, then you can skip the following list and continues to scroll to the next point. There you will learn how you can produce winter clothes in Far Cry Primal.

- At the beginning of Far Cry Primal you will find Sayla and soon you will be able to recruit shamans Tensay.
- Then in the village you have to build huts for Sayla and Tensay. Overall you need (6x Alder wood, 5x Slate, 4x Reed, 2x Deer Skin and 2x Wolf Skin).
- Defend the village against the Udam and gain thereafter access to new missions that will allow you to recruit new specialists.
- Search the icon of Karoosh on the map.
- Help him to defeat the Udam warriors and take him with you to the village. There you build him a hut, then you will be able to access the first stage of winter clothing in Far Cry Primal (Hut: 4x Alder wood, 5x slate, 2x reed and 4x wolf-skin).

The making of winter clothing in Far Cry Primal is divided into two stages. One you have built the cottage for Karoosh, you will get you access to the first level. Go into the craft menu and select the appropriate option next Karooshs details. You can upgrade your clothes to the second stage of winter clothes. To get this, first upgrade the hut of Karoosh (30x North Cedar, 35x northern Black Stone, 20x Nordton, 1x Rare strips Wolf skin, 40x population). The table shows you what winter clothes you can craft in Far Cry Primal what you require and what effect it has.

Raw Materials
Normal Clothes Available from the outset Your refrigeration display consumes after 4 minutes.
Winter Clothing Level 1 4x Wolf Skin Your refrigeration display consumes itself after 10 minutes.
Winter Clothing Level 2 2x Rare White Wolf skin
2x Rare White Yak Skin
Permanent immunity to cold.

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