Farm infinite Materials / Loot: glitch found in The Division

In Tom Clancy's The Division, an exploit was found a few days after the release, which helps you to farm unlimited materials, weapons and other items. Due to the long load times on the consoles, the glitch for the PS4 and Xbox One is connected to waiting times. As the exploit for unlimited resources and loot in the game work, we will show you in our guide how you best use this glitch.

In Manhattan, there are countless boxes and chests that involve different equipment, weapons and other items. If you want to farm these resources quickly, you will slowly reach your goal with the crates. Once you have earned them, they fill up after hours and can be reopened again. The glitch it goes (even for console owners) faster. Follow the steps in the list to use the exploit for infinitely Loot in The Division:

- Think up a deal "loot route" to your base of operations and open all the boxes and chests in your vicinity.
- Go to the menu and then on the Matchmaking. Select free game so you will be teleported into the world of another player.
- There you will start at the base of operations, which is why the route should run around them. So you save some time.
The open boxes in your world are now full again and can be opened thanks to this same glitch.

We really don’t know how long this exploit will last in The Division, but at least until the next patch you can use this glitch.

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