Guide to Choose your Best Starting Weapon in The Division

In Tom Clancy's The Division, you can select six different types of weapons at the beginning of the game and each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we give you some useful tips on selecting best starting weapon in The Division is.

When setting your weapons, there are several features that you should look for in your selection: the magazine size, the range, the accuracy / precision, stability and the rate of fire. However, the choice of your starting weapon also depends greatly on your needs, your playing style and your skills and talents.

As Agent you are allowed to carry three weapons at the same time:

1x primary Weapon
1x Secondary Weapon
1x Sidearm Weapon (Pistol)

You can select your three weapons from the following six categories:

- Pistols
- Assault rifles
- SMGs
- Light machine guns
- Sniper rifles
- Shotguns

Pistols as secondary weapon

In The Division, you can always carry sidearm weapon that is your third weapon slot. This Sidearm weapon is extremely important in case if your primary and secondary weapons have failed due to lack of ammunition, the guns have infinite ammo.

Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from the reloading of the primary weapon and instead grab the gun to continue to keep the enemy under fire. Since the reloading some weapons may take many long seconds, you should prefer to wait for a moment and take in acute combat gun to help.

The pistol is a secondary weapon while generally useful only at short distances. It also has a small clip size as opposed to the primary and secondary weapon. This means when the magazine of the gun is empty, of course, they must also be recharged.

Sometimes guns are also just right to it as a last resort to pull out of your pocket, because they deal more damage when your health drops below 30%.

As a perfect starting gun in the Category guns we recommend you therefore the 586 Magnum. You receive it as one of the first turret in Game. Although it only has a magazine size of 6 bullets, but makes a deadly damage.

Assault Rifles

If you're looking for a versatile weapon n Tom Clancy's The Division, then an assault rifle is just right choice for you. The values of an assault rifle are usually balanced in all properties. They also have a large magazine size and make ordinary oomph. The reloading time is within the ambit and as for shooting accuracy, you are spot on with the assault rifles.

The best assault rifles are to be used on an average distance. Nevertheless, they can do some good damage in close combat. The assault rifle is the perfect starting-gun for beginners. Also because they have some equipment places for weapon mods.

As a perfect starting gun in the assault rifles category we recommend you the M4 (police version). This weapon you get quite early in the game. It is the perfect companion for the first mission in The Division.


Machine guns are fully automatic handguns. They are ideal in the battle for a short distance and you can achieve particularly critical strike with them. But this also means that its high rate of fire in turn adversely affects the precision. Best to use the machine gun's only in close combat, because then you can get your chance to hit even increase.

As a perfect starting gun in the SMGs category we recommend you the MP5. This submachine gun has namely through an alternate fire mode, so that you will use on a further distance.

Light machine guns

Light machine guns are particularly suitable for giving support fire. With its high rate of fire and the relaxed shots, light machine guns are ideal when it comes to besiege your opponents by barrage, while the other team members to flank, so attacking from two sides. Thus, light machine guns prove perfect controller of enemy movement.

As a perfect starting gun in the light machine guns category, we recommend you the L86 LSW (military version). This machine gun can be found pretty soon at the beginning of The Division. It offers all the five Mod slots for further improvement.

The shotgun is not necessarily the very best starting gun. Especially because it only provides a small magazine size with it, as well as a slow rate of fire and an even slower reload speed. But when you count you an experienced shooter, then a shotgun work well as a perfect start-weapon, because the good old shotgun already makes real fat loss, however, is powerful unstable and suitable only for steady hands. It is ideal for close combat and kills any enemy with only one or two bullets.

As a perfect starting gun in the shotguns category we recommend you the Super 90 - it is basically the first ordinary shotgun in The Division. When Dark zone traders in the district DZ02 you can purchase the high-end version of the shotgun: the Cassidy.

Sniper rifle

Sniper rifles are of course the master when it comes to enemies at long distances. On further distance the sniper rifle is however quite useless because it brings a low rate of fire and a slow reload speed with it. Of course the best, every shot should sit, because then you can be certain that your site not come out soon and be besieged by enemies.

As a perfect starting gun in the sniper rifles category we recommend you the SCAR-H (military version). This weapon is very versatile. This gun has a cool rate of fire and therefore also works pretty well over shorter distances. In contrary of this, the M44 carbine is a really classic sniper rifle, in which you have to reload after every shot.

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