Spells locations in Bravely Second: End Layer

Overall you can find 8 Spells in Bravely Second. The Spells you can use in battle and you can get them by the Owl, who finds them in various dungeons. What Spells are there, what they do and where you can find them, we will show you in our guide below.

Have you able to survive the attack of Summoning? You should not do it, we need only to train a bit more. Keep the following steps in order to take the test.

- Complete the second side quest. You must fight against Mephilia and defeat him.
- Once you have successfully completed the quest, you get a Summoner Asterisk.
- Substitute order to Summoner.

Locations of all spells - overview

The table below shows you all the available spells in Bravely Second, what effect they have and where you can find them. The first spell we have omitted because it is available from the beginning.

Charybdis Decrease physical and magic attacks all enemies. Engine room - KG 29 (large vessel)
Girtablulu Earth damage causes to all enemies. Tower of infinity - 4th floor
Ziusudras sin Water damage causes to all enemies. Sea cave - West
Prometheus Fire Fire damage causes to all enemies. Aqueduct - Middle
Deus Ex Light damage causes to all enemies. Ba'al crater - descent
Susano-o Non-elemental damage causes to all enemies. Geneolgia tomb - Middle
Amaterasu Light damage causes to all enemies. On the coast, above the far right of the world map. This area can you reach only by boat.

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