Stardew Valley: relationships, love, marriage and children guide

Among the 30 residents in Stardew Valley, there are many potentially marriageable candidates. In this guide you will show all the information about who could be your perfect partner in Stardew Valley.

Out of 30 NPC's in Stardew Valley, there are a total of 10 male and female residents, which have been licensed to marry. This includes the following characters:

Female candidates:

- Abigail: She lives in Pierre's General Store and is somewhat more pessimistic character; sometimes she sits behind the counter or can be found at the stand or in the forest in the West.
- Haley: This young lady lives in the 2 Willow Lane, she is found in her home, on the beach or at the fountain on the river in the south of Marnie's Ranch.
- Leah: She lives in the cabin / cottage in the west of the city and you find her in Pierre's General Store, at the bar or on the beach.
- Maru: She lives in the 24 Mountain Road or the Carpenter's Shop and works as a nurse at the hospital where she is to be found in the laboratory.
- Penny: She lives with her mother in a trailer and adheres preferably in Stardrop Saloon or in the library.

Male candidates:

- Alex: He lives in the 1 River Road in a house on the right middle side of the city near - Pierre's General Store and is often go with his dog pen.
- Elliot: This charming boy lives in a hut on the beach, but he is also to be found at the bridge.
- Harvey: He works in the clinic and is also to be found at the fountain.
- Sam: He's still a teenager and lived in the 1 Willow Lane and works in Joja market.
- Sebastian: He lives in the 24 Mountain Road or the Carpenter's Shop in the mines.

You can chosen independently your opposite sex partner and invite to a date. You need a bouquet of flowers to woo and must give it your dream partner. When you interact with an NPC, then it comes to cutscenes in Stardew Valley. In characters there are at least five when you get closer to them. During these sequences you must make decisions that affect both the outcome of the sequence and the overall behavior of the NPCs in further course of the game.

The marriage in Stardew Valley

When it comes to a marriage, your partner will go with you to the farm. She makes you company and supports you at work. Some NPCs have a job in the city. This work will examine your partner even after marriage. Of course change the dialogues after the wedding, leading her to each other.

Similar to The Sims, it is important that you busy yourself with your spouse. You gotta take care of her because she is otherwise unhappy. If so, she does not help you when you work on the farm and even makes insulting comments. In addition, her other marriageable inhabit not ensnare - unless you have indicate otherwise. Even then your spouse reacts jealous.

Have Children in Stardew Valley

When you have a happy relationship, then you should definitely grow a nursery. Your female partner can get pregnant and have children and even children can be adopted in Stardew Valley.

The Separation

Yes, even a separation from your spouse is possible in Stardew Valley. You both can end your relationship in the game.

Friendships / Romance

Friendships are very important in Stardew Valley. They bring you achievements. In addition, you betray the valley dwellers secrets if you befriends with them and interact together. In addition, you can, for example, learn recipes of friendly NPCs. You can make use of gifts to make friendships. Send also presents to your friends now and then who you can be use of. If their trust builds between you and an NPC, then they grants you also have to access their rooms.

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