The Division: all Easter Eggs at a glance

In Tom Clancy's The Division, most Easter Eggs refer to movies and series. However, you will also find references to other games such as Splinter Cell and Raving Rabbids. Fans of the Breaking Bad series will also have so much fun in finding the Easter Eggs in The Division because of the reference to this series a whole Echo was used.

So far 10 Easter Eggs were discovered in the game. Most of these references are clear.

- TMNT: The Fighting Turtles are back the next big thing and obviously Ubisoft wanted to honor them and their decades of success. So you can find an Easter Egg at the coordinates 918/1490 in Pennsylvania Plaza, which alludes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

- Mr. Bean: Do you know the English comedian who likes fastened his seat on a car roof and thus travels through the area? In The Division disaster broke well while reversing out, because you can see his body and the car in a parking lot Stuyvesant (South-east about 360/3378).

- Breaking Bad: In Clinton (ca. 2030/935) you shall find an echo, which is an Easter Egg to Breaking Bad. This is according to a scene in which Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are at a party. The characters are called but only similar.

- Ubisoft: Similar to the Easter Eggs for Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft has also thought of itself in The Division. One of the Safe Houses in Turtle Bay (ca. 1750/2692), The firewall is, namely originally by the office of Ubisoft.

- Doctor Who: Do you know the most sympathetic doctor who has absolutely no doctorate and whose real name is unknown? Doctor who? I agree! One of the current longest series has also got its way into The Division and delighted the fans with an Easter Egg. This can be found in a house when you unlock the glowing door under the Quest Lexington Event Center. The front of the scenario you will find, if you followed the mission.

- Batman: Of course, should not miss a nod to Batman, which is actually much more of the Joker. Heath Ledger was an unforgettable Joker and the phrase "Why so serious?" Went through the world - even in The Division. In Pennsylvania Plaza (ca. 1005/1253) you can find a wall, hanging on the numerous pictures. One of them is of Joker Nicholson.

- World in Conflict: On the corner of 8th Ave and W 22nd Street in Chelsea to the store High'n'Low Electronics. Go in and look around on the counter, because there you can find the reference to World in Conflict.

- Rayman - Raving Rabbids and Grow Home: Another Easter Egg that refers to games that can be found in the Safe House The Meat Locker in Tenderloin. Go in and turn immediately left. On the wall you will find the packaging of the board game version.

- Adventure Time: Do you like this series? Then you embark to Pennsylvania Plaza (ca. 850/1188). There you will find a wall with graffiti depicting characters from Adventure Time.

- Splinter Cell: In the base of operations can be found the next play on a game. To the left of the entrance to the security wing, on the cabinet behind Faye Lau, you'll find the night vision device, which immediately evoking Splinter Cell.

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