The Division: Dark Zone bosses locations map

In Tom Clancy's The Division, if you want to get better weapons and equipment then Dark Zone bosses are your targets. Kill them, you can be lucky enough to get high-end items as loot back and also the rare game currency Phoenix credits. But where do you find the Dark Zone bosses exactly? The following map reveals you all locations of the Dark Zone bosses in team shooter.

Dark Zone bosses can be found usually at the following locations:

- Landmarks areas (fist icon)
- Extraction Areas

If a landmark area is purple dyed, then you will find a boss there. If a Landmark area mark with a white background then again you can find a recently freed Boss from the Dark Zone. Here other players have struck before you, and a new Boss has not yet spawned.

The following map of reddit-user Khezekiah shows you the locations of all Dark Zone bosses in the six districts of the Dark Zone. In addition, you can see by the icons, whether they are above or below the ground.

- Blue triangle: Dark Zone Boss located on the surface
- White triangle: Dark Zone Boss is located in the underground

Best to Defeat the Dark Zone bosses together with friends in a group in order to speed things up and faster to earn loot and phoenix Credits.

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