The Division: earn quick money, credit, Dark-Zone currency tips

In Tom Clancy's The Division, money remains a precious commodity for the survivors even after humanity has been almost destroyed by a virus. Because only by using money, it is possible for you to buy powerful weapons and other equipment from a dealer that you need to fight against evil. In our guide we give you tips on how you can quickly make money in the game.

In Tom Clancy's The Division, there are three different game currencies:

- The normal / regular, yellow credits
- The violet Dark Zone credits
- Phoenix credits, most valuable Endgame currency in the game

To earn a lot of money quickly as possible in The Division, you should take note of the following points.

- Take side quests: Upon successful completion of them will bring you lot of money and XP.
- Sale unnecessary items.
- Manage your money properly / Save Money and avoid unnecessary spending.
- Selling unnecessary loot extract from the Dark Zone also often result in good money.

Earn money with side quests / missions

Of course you can concentrate on playing through the story in order as quickly as possible to achieve the maximum level. But you can also proceed more effectively. If you take many activities and events, as possible, then you can also earn lots of money quickly. To do this, constantly look at your map, where such highlights take place. You can also complete missions again when players are on the team, they go through the first time. Then you get not only credits, but also loot and useful experience points. But it can also happen that you will find no side missions or other activities on the map. Then you still have the opportunity to visit the application panel. Then you see all the new random events and battles and other activities. If you complete these, then you can make even quick money.

Sale unnecessary items

Before take missions, side activities or fighting contests, you should make sure that you empty your backpack. Only then you can collect the entire loot and sell later. If there is a dealer in the area, then you should visit his and sell any items that don’t require. To make your backpack dates for Loot, you can also keep objects that you still want.

If you replace old equipment with new and better, then immediately sell your old stuff to earn quick money.

Manage your money properly / Save Money

A very simple but effective way to save you money is to spend wisely. Early in the game you level up quickly. The reasoning is open so whether it is really necessary to constantly get new equipment, buy items ideally with foresight. A good investment gives you of course a good buy. In addition, you will find permanent new equipment that can make good use during levels.

Dark Zone: Money in PVP zones

In the city center there is the highly contaminated Dark Zone. This is a PvP area. Here you should take only if you are already a little higher in level. You can compete with other players in the Dark Zone. In addition, you will notice very quickly that the loot here has much more value than the normal item in the game. Even at first glance bad loot brings you really good money.

If you kill the Dark Zone opponent, then you will receive Credits in addition to the normal Dark Zone loot. Pay particular attention to the enemies that are provided with a name. With them is special High Level bosses or team, for their destruction you can dust off a decent little sum of money.

Fill your backpack to complete before their extraction. Use a helicopter from your base of operations to take your contaminated loot, and then you can decontaminate them. Only then you can use found loot outside the Dark Zone and sale. Contaminated Loot can only be sold within the Dark Zone. If you have the key in your inventory, then you can also open boxes that appear under certain circumstances after a fight with a unique NPC.

Another tip: Try not to die as possible. You die, then you lose a few of the Dark Zone credits that you have in your inventory. Always be careful in the Dark Zone and do not enter it with a low level.

You survive a breakaway run and achieved in this time, the apostate-Level 5, then you can earn a lot of money. But unfortunately, the penalties are higher if you die as an apostate.

Phoenix Credit: Where's the The Division endgame currency?

The Phoenix-credits you get from level 30. They form the endgame currency in The Division. They can look after successfully committed daily missions - daily missions - earn. They are difficult missions, of which you are allowed to attend a day three. But even if you do missions in Challenge Mode, you can collect the 30 Phoenix credits. Again you can spend them only in two places:

- SafeHouse DZ06 (Dark Zone): Here you come out with a high Dark Zone ranking. The dealer is located in the north of the city and holds for you also and items prepared having the stage "think" and "high end".
- Tech wing, first floor of the base of operations: The dealer is much easier to achieve, he also holds Phoenix credits.

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