The Division: Elite Teams / Loot - locations

In Tom Clancy's The Division, you adopt the role of a heroic agent in the Division unit, which is to rebuild the Manhattan destroyed by a virus. The division unit also has a task to protect the city and its survivors against enemies. You will also encounter numerous enemies in this multiplayer RPG shooter. Among them are strong Boss and Elite opponents who bring you good XP and high-end item. In this guide you learn the locations of elite opponents.

In the Dark Zone, you will not only find high-end items for farming and looting. Even outside the PvP area you will find elite opponents, and they will drop special items. Our guide show you where you can find the elite opponents.

But be careful: You should have reached a high level before you dare to fight against them. They also drop really good items when you reach a certain level, because the loot adapts usually your level.

Are you, for example, already in Endgame and Level 30, then elite opponent may drop two purple arms. The color purple marked items for superior type. This already is the fourth highest category with the weapons. It can be found only item of the stage "high end." In addition, you can always count on quality tools and especially with tools.

Location: Where spawn elite opponents?

After a certain time as part of the Division unit you prove that you are probably capable and battle-hardened agent, beat or rather destroy any enemy, particularly strong and tough opponents including bosses and elite opponents. To defeat bosses are usually more difficult than the elite opponents. Yet fights against elite opponents prove very good practical exercise and you can also collect really good, useful items, if you beat them down.

Incidentally, also the elite enemy always adapts your level. If you exist as a group in the road, in different high level steps, then there is a calculation of the average of your team. Accordingly, then the elite opponents waiting with the right level for you.

Loot Cave ade: Patch prevents Respawn the Elite Teams

We would like to show you another locations of elite opponents. However, you should note that no more Loot Cave will find in Tom Clancy's The Division since March 22, 2016. The new patch prevents respawn the NPC's with a name.

Here you find the elite opponents, if you have not already killed:

Midtown East One of the elite opponents can be found on the 3rd Avenue, East between the 53rd and the 52nd Street  2182, 2587
Hudson Yard Above the 12th Avenue on the Map you can discover an elite opponent. 1234, 390
Turtle Bay This elite opponents located on 2nd Avenue and East 47th Street. 1975, 2744
Stuyvesant Above the No Street you'll find an elite opponent. 459, 3275
Gramercy The location of this elite opponent is between 2nd and 1st Avenue east on 23rd Street. 623, 2843
Tenderloin This elite opponent can be found on the 22nd Street Between the 7th and 6th Avenue 524, 1711
Garment District This elite opponent can be found in the underground, West between 39th Street and 38th Street  1370, 1355
Murray Hill The Elite Teams located on 38th Street, very close to the FDR Dive. 1330, 3022

Prior to 22 March 2016 was still possible to farm many purple items infinitely because the elite enemies are spawned again after a short time. The players could discover Loot Cave when they again and again annihilated elite opponents named "Bullet King" without taking his followers there. Otherwise the Loot Cave would not work, because you just kill Bullet King himself.

You will find the Bullet King, when you go out from the Safe House "Autumn's Hope", turn left and then pass the yellow dump truck. There you will find a group of enemies plus their elite Boss "Bullet King".

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