The Division - Find reward dealers and get bonuses

Have you been wondering where you can find the reward traders in Tom Clancy's The Division? The merchant for your pre-order bonuses or the outfits that you can buy in Ubisoft club can not be found right away. In this guide, we show you the way to find reward dealers and what items you get from them.

Don’t look for the reward trader at the beginning of The Division. He is only to be found in Manhattan. So Play the Game by totally relaxed until you have arrived in your base of operations. Your first major mission in Manhattan leads you directly to the base of operations, so you can not miss it. From the entrance of the base of operations you move straight on to the stairs and pass the back room. Here the reward merchant stands behind a table. He is marked with a letter symbol on the map.

In the reward trading you can pick up not only your pre-order bonuses, but also other rewards and extras from the Uplay store and the Ubisoft Club. In most cases these are different outfits, weapon skins or other cosmetic accessories with which you can change the externals of your agents.

Reward traders without goods

Prepare yourself that the reward traders currently have no pre-order bonuses on offer. About these problems, many players have already complained. The only thing you can do is to logging The Division servers. In a few cases, they helped. The problem will certainly solve in the next patch.

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