Tom Clancy's The Division - Unlock Skills

Skills influence your playing style to a great extent in Tom Clancy's The Division. Depending on how you want to let act your agent, you can align him about offensive or defensive. The higher you climb in the level, the more skills are available to you. They are distributed among the three wings of the base of operations:

- Medicine
- Safety
- Technology

The Skills of The Division are additionally equipped with a mod, a modification. The Mods improve the skills again, for example you increase the damage or expand the radius of reach. The modifications are also enabled with advanced level.

Overall, The Division deems you 12 Skills. Each category has three normal skills and a special skill. However, it is only possible to be fitted at the same time with only two normal and a special skills.

Medical Wing

Pulse: This skill triggers an impulse, with which it is possible for you to make a radius of 60 meters visible. That works through walls and on the map also see enemies.

Available mods: Boosters (longer range), Chopper (protection against hostile tracer pulses), Tactical Scanner (higher loss), threat sensor (early warning if enemies in the

First Aid: The Medikit heals you and all allies in your district.

Available mods: Defibrillator (allies revive), overdose (efficient healing objectives above normal life points), Doping syringe (Higher healing effect), service extension (increase the duration of effect)

Support station / auxiliary field: Placement of a device that energizes nearby allies autonomously heals and revives.

Required Upgrade: Virus Lab

Available mods: lifesaver (revival posts) immunization (recreational items)
Ammunition depots (supply of ammunition reloading), discharge (cure for deactivation)

Recovery Link (Special): This special skill heals you and your allies.

Required Upgrade: Disaster Aid

Tech Wing

Stickybomb: With this you can throw a sticky grenade and can be triggered by remote detonator.

Available mods: Monster grenade (higher loss), glare (anesthesia), proximity fuze
(Approaching grenade), secret grenade (less noise)

Turret / Gun: Create an automated turret which will fire your nearby opponents.

Required Upgrade: Controll Room.

Available mods: Active sensor (higher damage + opponents marker), Flamethrower (fire beam, yet less range), Taser (closure of electric projectiles), Scorched Earth (explodes when manually deeactivate )

Seeker Mine: This approach mine can move, pursuing enemy and explodes

Required Upgrade: Communication

Available mods: airburst (explosion of the mine in the air), gas charge (cloud
Anesthetic gas), multi / seeker Mine (many small mines at a target), Seeking Betty (mine overcomes obstacles and coverings)

Technical Link (Special): This special skill increases the damage and the critical strike chance for both you as well as for allies near you.

Required Upgrade: Division Tech

Security Wing

Ballistic Shield: This ballistic shield absorbs your damage, but during which you can use only your secondary weapon.

Available mods: Reactive targeting (stronger and lighter shield ), Assault shield (increases damage and precision of the secondary weapon), Kinetic Breaker (absorbed harm than cure), self healing Armor (Shield repairs itself)

Smart Cover: This strengthened coverage, increases your damage and in turn, reduces damage taken all allies behind the cover.

Required Upgrade: Situation Room

Available mods: Trapper (enemies do less damage and suffer even more), Re-charger
(Allies regenerate life), concealment (no pulse marker through enemies)

Mobile Cover: establishing a temporary coverage that offers an agent protection.

Required Upgrade: Armory

Available mods: extends (more protection for two agents), claymore (explosives),
Countermeasures (higher loss)

Survivor Link (Special): This special skill increases your moving speed and your resistance to all types of damage.

Required Upgrade: Barracks

In Game itself you can usually detect even alone at the appearance of a player, with what skills he has been endowed. This shows the gadgets and equipment that he has to dangle from his backpack. If you want good act in the team, then it makes sense to first check with the skills, so that you achieve the maximum effect during a fight.

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