UFC 2: fastest way to farm Coins - tips

In EA Sports UFC 2: you will quickly want to earn coins as you can trade them with Fight Packs for the Ultimate Team. There are different types, how do you get virtual money. Some promise more and others less. In our guide, we show you how you can earn Coins quickly in UFC 2.

In Ultimate Team mode of UFC 2 you can own up to five fighters and equip them with new moves. But you have to buy Fight Packs with Coins, because there you will also receive additional bonuses in addition to the moves. You will also need them urgently because your fighters lose energy and that you have to boost with cards. To help you purchase as many packs as possible, you can check our tips below:

Overall, there are several methods that you can use to earn Coins quickly in UFC 2.

- UFC 2 Ultimate Team: The coins are designed in the game and therefore you will be able to farm a lot of coins for this mode. Contest online and offline fights and especially not forget to provide you the daily challenges. Champion have this, you will be rewarded with coins.

- Full Roster: Posted all five fighters in Ultimate Team and you will be rewarded even for doing nothing. Even if you take time off, your fighter will still go on and compete against other players and help you passively income.

- Quick Fights: Try to finish a fight with KO within 10 seconds you will be rewarded with many coins.

- War-type Fights: UFC 2 will reward with more Coins for those of you who like the long fights. Imagine your Nemesis and try to land many takedowns, strikes and power punches. For knockdowns and finish with a KO you will also be rewarded with many coins.

- Fight Packs: Sell all unused cards. You don’t get the full value of this card, but more coins instead of keeping unused cards.

- Live Events: Cast your tips with the new mode of live events. This is about the real fighting in Fight Night or major UFC events. You can predict the winner and round exits. You can manage to recreate this fight and your result type, you will (assuming you have guessed correctly) most get to experience points - and you will be rewarded with Fight Packs.

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