Battleborn: factions at a glance

Battle Born has an almost unmanageable variety of classes that belong to five different factions. In order to save the last star in the galaxy, you have to join one of the five Factions. But they are all heroes, because no matter which faction and class you choose, their uniqueness you will notice immediately. The following list outlines all the factions in Battle Born and explains the history of the groupings.

- The Last Light Consortium (LLC): This largest economic power consists of profit-hungry members who are mostly cybernetic. In addition, they are considered the largest weapons manufacturer.

- The Eldrid: The Eldrid is the natural order of the cosmos in the first place and for scientists use. The classes, which belong to this group, represent ancient and natural values.

- The Renegades / rogue: The outsiders want to belong to any group and thus form the group of renegades. Actually they want with the other groups have nothing in the hat and still play a major role.

- United Peacekeeping Republics (UPR): you belong to the fighters for justice, the classes of this fraction will be right for you. Despite the separation of the LLC, UPR holding on to their old values.

- Jennerit Empire: Despite many losses in the past, the Jennerites still retain a reputation as one of the strongest military powers of the galaxy. Do you want to become part of the mighty warriors, then you should select one of the classes of that group.

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