Dark Souls 3: become dragon, find Dragon Torso and Head Stone

Have you found the Dragon Torso Stone and Dragon Head Stone in Dark Souls 3? If not, then you should accept the challenge because using the Dragon Torso Stone and Dragon Head Stone you can transform into a dragon and also you get new skills to help you fight against the undead creatures in Dark Souls 3. To help you transform into a dragon, you don’t need so much preparation, but must discover specific areas.

Dark Souls 3 - The skills of the Dragon

First, however, we would like to explain what you need to become a dragon in Dark Souls 3 and what skills you will unlock in this way. Below we show you how to find the Dragon Torso Stone and Dragon Head Stone. Do you have it in your inventory, then you need only off your armor and put on the stones. Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to wear armor in Dragon Form. Rings you can, however, continue to invest. You should die and then only you lose the figure of the dragon and return to your usual form.

Once you transform into a dragon, you will be much like dragon as you can spit fire, which will cause land damage. To arrange this, put the dragon head stone in your quick selection. With the scale Dragon Torso Stone yells at your adversaries and thereby dissolves the AOE effect. For close combat you have your fists serve as weapons. If you can also find the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone and Twinkling Dragon Head Stone in Dark Souls 3, then your attacks are much stronger. The following list shows you where you will find all four stones.

- Dragon Head Stone: the dragon head stone found on the secret area. Once you have you defeated the final boss Soul of Cinder, you get the stone as a reward.

- Dragon Torso Stone: To find this, you have to get to the area of prison Irithyll. On the way to the secret area, it's on the petrified dragon sitting near the edge of the cliff.

- Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone: Here again, you have to go to the secret area of the kite. At the end of the area you will find a cliff with a staircase, which is guarded by dragons sculptures. Go there to the altar and set the gesture "Path of the Dragon", which you have found long ago. After a short time the Twinkling Dragon Body Stone migrates into your inventory.

- Twinkling Dragon Head Stone: Make your way to the road of sacrifice and there you fight against the abyss watcher. There you encounter Hawkwood, the deserter. Defeat him and you will be rewarded with the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone.

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