Dark Souls 3: glitch/exploit - unlimited boss souls

Before you try with this exploit of Dark Souls 3 you must save your gameplay. Sometimes it may happen that the exploit goes wrong, then you lose the corresponding boss soul irretrievably when you use it. Here they are so important. Not only for leveling, but also for example to crafting powerful Boss weapons.

Follow the steps given below to farm unlimited Boss Soul:

- Take all items out from your Quick Pick Slots, emptied these places.

- In the first slot of your toolbelts you can now either place a normal Estus flacon or the ash-Estus flacon (this is up to the bar at the bottom of your screen when you open the game menu).

- Now place in the first slot of the quick selection of the Equipment window any Boss Soul - this is your first exploit attempt - select at this point an early boss soul, for example, Vordt from Nordwindtal . So that you will ensure that it does not suffer a large loss or valuable. Nevertheless, it must be said about that with this exploit for an infinite number of farms Boss souls course later, valuable Boss Soul can score more souls. It remains ultimately your decision.

- It's getting tricky: now hold your controller button about half a second and then press the 4 keys in quick succession.

PS4: This is the key combination for the PlayStation 4 to perform the exploit for Dark Souls 3

Xbox One: This is the key combination for the Xbox one to perform the exploit for Dark Souls 3

PC: If you play Dark Souls 3 on the PC, then you must press necessary keys for this exploit as described.

If your exploit is successful, then you would have your Toolbelt on your screen for a very brief moment. Then you are asked whether you want to use the Boss Soul. If so, then you can now use these respective boss souls that you have previously placed in the toolbelt.

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