Doom (2016) - All weapons at a glance

In Doom you have two different types of weapons to choose from: the normal weapons and the power weapons. Perhaps the weapon selection will be expanded at the release of the game.

Normal weapon list:

Plasma Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Heavy Assault Rifle
Super Shotgun
Vortex Rifle
Lightning Gun
Static Cannon

Depending on which platform you play the Doom, holding any weapon, the primary fire (on the PC with the left mouse button) and a special fire, the weapons-Mod, (on PC, right-click), In addition, you can also customize your weapons. Below you will find the function of each weapon.

Plasma Rifle

Primary Fire: This fully automatic gun fires separate from hot plasma pulses causes surface damage.

Weapon Mod: The secondary fire works with a plasma bullet, if you can fire, explode and some areas covered with burning plasma.

Rocket Launcher

Primary Fire: As its name suggests, this weapon fires rockets which explode on impact.

Weapon Mod: All missiles still in the air are ignited immediately.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Primary Fire: This is a fully automatic weapon, which is equipped with a digital, supportive riflescope.

Weapon Mod: If you hold down the right mouse button, then the riflescope becomes wider during a fight on a wide range.

Super Shotgun

Primary Fire: This is double-barreled shotgun and fire with a wide distribution.

Weapon Mod: The scattering can be reduced by narrowing while holding the right mouse button.

Vortex Rifle

Primary Fire: This energy weapon has a long reach and has a sighting telescope with a magnification.

Weapon Mod: When holding the right mouse button, both enlargement and increased the firepower.

Lightning Gun

Primary Fire: This weapon is one of the weapons that will be unlocked only in the course of the level increase. It is an energy weapon that fires a continuous energy beam at short range.

Weapon Mod: On impact of the energy beam, an electric field is created, the targets inflicting equal damage.

Static Cannon

Primary Fire: This gun is available only at a higher level. The Static Cannon is a precision weapon. It is stronger, the more you move, but loses also firepower.

Weapon Mod: If you hold down the right mouse button, then the view is zoomed in and the precision increases at long reach.

Doom: Other equipment

- Frag Grenade: As soon as the anti-personnel hand grenade impacts on the ground, the delay detonator is triggered.

- Siphon Grenade: The siphon grenade creates a siphon field, and impact leeches health from the enemies and returns it to the launcher.

- Personal Teleporter: This piece of equipment can teleport you from one place to another.

Doom: Powerful weapons as deadly gun

In multiplayer mode, power weapons appear on the map from time to time. If you grab it, you're guaranteed deadly game. With this powerful weapon you can see your opponents even through the walls. Powerful weapons you can use only until you have fired the ammunition, then you automatically return to your normal weapon and have to wait until again spawn a power weapon. Strive not to die, otherwise your opponent can collect and use the weapon.

These three power-weapons are available for you in the game

- Chaingun: This rotary machine gun is accurate and fast at the same time. The bullets can pierce through multiple enemies and lose no spark on impact.

- Chainsaw: When you hear the typical noise of the saw, then you should quickly move from the field, because this weapon is deadly. But if you get this into your hand, then it looks bad for the health points of demons.

- BFG-9000: Also this jewel is a Doom Classic. The projectile destroyed everything and everyone in its way using a charge electric power.

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