DOOM (2016): beginner’s guide - tips / strategy

DOOM is one of the milestones of PC video game history. The FPS was able to prove in 1993, by setting a new benchmark in terms of 3D graphics. 2016, now comes the reboot version of the Doom series. The beta, which is available to play from the beginning of April 2016, already shown some aspects of the new, fateful games. One thing is certain: The Hell swallowed you again and leaves the one or other demons going on you. Now it is up to you to defeat the horror.

The reboot version of the Doom is expected to arrive on May 13, 2016 with six game modes, nine maps and a variety of gruesome enemies that you must defeat.

In this Beginner's Guide we give you some valuable tips that you can use them in order to survive in the dark depths of perdition.

- Use jet pack and never stop: You should always be on the move, or use your jet pack to fly, because your opponents are quick and the weapons are more powerful. Also use cover in order to avoid shelling.

- Power-Weapon: If you have snatched a power weapon, then try not to die. Otherwise, the one who killed you, take over the power weapon and thus attack your team.

- Collect ammunition: If you run on ammunition boxes, then automatically you get ammunition for your weapons.

- Keep yourself away from demons: Fight the demons from afar and targeted their weaknesses. That's about a shot at his power core and the Mancubus shots to the chest cavity or on the back when Revenant.

- Follow the arrows: In the Warpath game mode, you must follow the arrows displayed and move continuously in a particular zone. If the arrows are blue, then the zone is in your hands, but the arrows are red, then the area was overrun by enemies. Especially careful with Silk because at any moment an enemy might comes around the corner.

- Lava and death pits: So a jet pack may be convenient to fly, but still respect on the abyss, because you can only do bigger jumps with the jet pack and bypass any long distances. The soil should always remain in sight, otherwise it knocks you out of yourself.

- Use hand grenades and grenade suction: You should rely on grenades for larger group of opponents because they have a larger catchment area and not only work at certain points, such as your hand weapons.

- Use jump platforms: If you want to move more quickly to the higher level, then you use the jump platforms, they are a kind of lift and carry you up.

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