The Division Beginner’s guide - XP earning tips

The following tips for The Division should help you get started in the post-apocalyptic game.

Before you progress in The Division, you have to create your character and then you can go to Manhattan to level your character. The level of the screen superego determines what equipment you can carry. In addition, you have a Dark Zone’s rank which you can increase only in the Dark Zone. This decides which items you can buy from the merchants of the dark zone.

In Manhattan, you will see that the area has been divided into districts. In total there are 22 districts in the main game, which are also divided into normal ranges and in the Dark Zone. The following list shows you what level your agent should have reached to enter the area.

1. Camp Hudson: Level 3-4
2. Chelsea: Level 2-4
3. Pennsylvania Plaza: Level 3-5
4. Hudson Yards: Level 5-9
5. Garment District: Level 5-9
6. Tenderloin: Level 9-12
7. Times Square: Level 10-13
8. Hell's Kitchen: Level 10-13
9. Clinton: Level 14-15
10. Flatiron: Level 15-16
11. Gramercy: Level 16-18
12. Stuyvesant: Level 18-19
13. Kips Bay: Level 20-23
14. Murray Hill: Level 24-26
15. Turtle Bay: Level 27-28
16. Midtown East: Level 28-30

The base of operations is located in Pennsylvania Plaza and consists of three wings: medical, security and technology. There receive your missions, which are displayed to you on the world map. Complete this and you will know the corresponding wing of the base of operations to expand further. This will get you access to new upgrades, skills, talents and Perks. The 16 districts represent the PvE zone. Here you can choose whether you want to progress the story alone, or want to play with up to three friends. Bear in mind that your group level determines the level of difficulty, and thus also affects the quality of Loots.

Dark Zone in the overview

The Dark Zone is divided into six districts and is the PvP zone of The Division. A wall was built around the Dark Zone and you enter by climbing over or officially use the military checkpoints. In the Dark Zone you will find contaminated Loot. This must be picked from a helicopter to be decontaminated and can be used also outside the Dark Zone.

One of the most important tips for Dark Zone is that you take care of your prey because other players can steal you. Beware before the outlaw players who are in red. They can, thanks to the red mark, see through walls. You are not belonging to the outlawed, you cannot see or sneak past these players. The following districts are there in the Dark Zone:

DZ01: Level 10-12
DZ02: Level 13-15
DZ03: Level 16-18
DZ04: Level 22-24
DZ05: Level 27-29
DZ06: Level 29-30

Fractions of The Division

In total, there are 5 factions in The Division. One of them is The Division and this is your faction. The other fractions represent your opponents who have different abilities. Rioters stand out as simple looters out that haunt the city and try everything to usurp. The Cleaner detects in protective suits and flamethrowers. Your mission is to fight the virus and for that they stop at nothing. The Riker are ruthless. They consist of former prisoners, bring more violence over Manhattan. Finally, there is still the Last Man Battalion, consisting of former soldiers. They belong to a private military, which wants to use the crisis in The Division for themselves. All enemies can be divided into several categories:

Normal enemies: These opponents have a simple health bar and can be quickly overcome primarily by headshots.

Veterans - These opponents have an extra armor that is represented by a white bar above the health bar. This you must decimate.

Elite Teams - These opponents posses additional skills. They will appear as icons over their heads - for example, if they throw a grenade.

Bosses: Again and again you will encounter in boss fights. Such enemies have a skull icon next to their display.

Tips for the consumable items / goods

In The Division, among the goods include water, food and special ammunition. These can be found anywhere on your journey through Manhattan. Don’t forget to use them according to the situation, because they provide you with various status bonuses. Go into the wheel-menu to select it. You will find these consumables:

- Water: + 20% damage in elite opponents for 30 seconds.
- Mineral water: Cool down of skills will be reduced for 30 seconds by 30%.
- Food canning: + 40% on the healing effect for 30 seconds.
- Granola bars: Negative status effects are removed and protection for 5 sec while new status effects.
- Explosive rounds: Causing explosive damage upon impact in a small area.
- Incendiary bullets: Granting a chance to put the target on fire. This effect lasts 30 seconds.

General tips and tricks

- World Map: You can determine your location, set waypoints and select missions. It is a necessary tool for team-work.
- Skills: First, your character can be equipped with two skills. Later you can unlock another skill (Signature Skill). Try out the skills, you can change them at any time.
- Marking: In The Division there is strong on your coverage. Always cover yourself, because without cover you will be eliminated quickly.
- Team-Play: use all the possibilities of team-Plays. For example, with the skill "pulsar" all opponents you can highlight in your environment and make them visible to your team.
- NPCs: Some survivors still hang around in Manhattan and need your help. Take their little side missions to gain experience and rewards.
- Random events: Step into a specific place in The Division, are triggered bound thereto random events. Are you in Camp Hudson or in your base of operations, you can look at the board, where the random events occur.

Earn Many XP

- Headshots and Multi-Kills bring you a more XP. So Go for the head of your enemies and attacks on groups with grenades to kill them at the same time.
- Repeat the main missions on a higher difficulty, after you have done on the normal level. Thereby you are waving significantly more XP, better loot and more money as a reward. In addition, you can repeat them often.
- Unlock Safehouses and grab the tasks of the bulletin board and the soldiers. This can do smaller side quests and farms many XP fast.
- Grab the collectibles. For each object, there is a small XP boost.
- Get your advantage barracks and position the center of the security wing as soon as possible. Through the center you get generally more XP. By the barracks you will receive even more experience booster by cap hit and multi Kills.

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