Fallout 4: build arena and allow settlers / NPCs to fight

Do you love to expand your settlements, the Wasteland DLC for Fallout 4 is probably just right for you? With Content Pack you get not only new items on settlement activity, but also can build an arena and allow settlers to fight each other.

The Wasteland DLC is part of the Season Pass for Fallout 4. It contains in addition to numerous new settlement objects and materials for an arena that you can build in your village. Here you let deathclaws fight against Raider or settlers against other creatures. What you have to consider, when you build an arena and leave NPCs to fight each other, we show you in this article.

It is not difficult to build arenas in your settlement. All you need to consider some points. In addition, you should have some materials ready, so you can build the entire arena. Here, we show you only what basic components are needed to build an arena in Fallout 4. The rest we leave to your imagination.

Guide to the arena construction:

- It all starts with a platform or a cage. Place them face each other. The platforms are for your settlers and the cages are for creatures and Raider. The farther they are away from each other, the more fun it will end. You can also put them together; then the fight will be shorter than expected.

- Do you want a fair fight, then place walls around your platforms or cages and fix them with automatic doors. Build the switch for the mechanism so that you can operate it from outside. Tip: Connect both doors with a switch, so that they open at the same time. You still need the power for the mechanism.

- To avoid your counterparty run away, you should build fences around the battle area. In Wasteland workshop, you now have new objects in build mode, such as concrete structures. Pro railing you need 4 times steel. Place them to your arena.

- If you are satisfied with your settlement upgrades then you should build a Beta wave emitter.

The following need to consider when you let NPCs fight each other

Particularly importance is a bell and a celebration evening siren. The bell ensures that your settlers congregate, while the after-siren can rest your residents. In this mode, they don’t fight against enemy Raider, but sitting comfortably on a chair or a whistle.

- Settlers against settlers: Build platforms for this fight and assign settlers. Make sure that the settlers also have access to their fight starting points.

- Settlers against monsters: to be a fair fight, you should definitely have a team of settlers against e.g. deathclaws. Your inhabitants do not fight with raiders. Monster also requires no platform, but a cage. When cage you should make absolutely sure to place a switch including power, so that the creature cannot break. You can also tame a monster and send into battle. Survive it, you should definitely think of a beta wave emitter which calms the nature again.

- Settlers against Raider: Even Raider needs a cage. Think of the switches and the power!

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