The LG K10 is an Android smartphone with dual-chip function. The feature, which is increasingly common in smartphones, allows the user to have two telephone numbers from different operators, offering economy and practicality in bonds, as well as mobile data plan.

Check out this guide on how to set up the two SIM Cards on the LG K10. You can even assign contacts to each SIM to always use the same card connections to the same person.

Step 1. Place the two SIMs on the phone with the power turned off. Then, power on the phone and go to "Settings

Step 2. Tap "Dual sim". There, you can define the settings for each SIM. First, go to "Sim Card 1".

Step 3. Set a name and an icon for the SIM 1 and do the same in "SIM Card 2". Then tap the "Enable SIM1" and "Enable SIM2" so that the cards can be used. If you leave one of these options off, the SIM is disabled from that moment and can not be used.

Step 4. Activate the "economic mode" so that the cell can assign contacts to each card. For example, if a contact is assigned to the SIM 1, the phone will always use this card to call that person, even when the SIM 2 is active.

Step 5. Activate the "Mobile data" option so that the phone has Internet access. Remember to buy a data package from your operator. In "standard SIM card" set what will be the standard mobile SIM to access the internet.

After setting up the dual-function, whenever you want to change the active SIM, just go on the notification bar and touch on the SIM name. You can enable or disable a card set and one that is active, that is, that will be used for calls, messages and internet service.

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