Rocket League: beginner’s guide / strategies

If you play the Rocket League for the first time, you should beware of the experienced opponents. Even when they score goals, one after the other, you must not lose heart. Rocket League provides booster manipulated vehicles and detailed arenas, which you can take advantage of. Here we have listed some useful tips that will help you during the gameplay.

- Use a controller when you have the opportunity, as a greater range of motion comes with the controller, for example, better around the curves, can draw more accurate and you look better than typing.

- Practice with other players in the training mode, use everything that your car can do. Concentrate mainly on the jumping and flying (jumping with Boost). The latter definitely need more practice.

- Try to turn right after jumping the car during the flight back, so that you may not land like a beetle on his back and lose valuable seconds.

- Use the headset to communicate with your team members and keep them also at a glance on the cam.

- It is also important that not jump all teammates at the same time on the ball, otherwise no one can give more coverage or goal.

- Always remain in motion, because standing will consume more boosts due to the start-up.

- Don’t stand just below the ball, because the chance of catching the ball is low here. And probably someone else from the side take away the ball. You would have consumed much more boost.

- Never try to play in the direction of your own goal. By jumping the ball, it may be that you give an opposing player a perfect template for a target.

- If it is critical, and a close opponent shoots towards your goal, but you are too far away, then use the path in the middle of the pitch as quickly as possible in order to reach your goal and still repel the ball.

- When you reach the maximum speed, then you realize that on purple stripes that drags you behind your back tire, then you no longer need to use a boost because you cannot be faster and would thereby unnecessarily wasting Boost.

- If the ball drags white stripes behind it, then it has also reached its maximum speed and you can hardly catch it until it slows down again.

- Always try to have Boost as much as possible. Most Boosts get you to boost fields to the 4 corners of the court and the right and left of the midline. So use the time, when you have to drive over it.

- You can come in top speed even without the boost, by jumping about 3x forward.

- When blocking shots, you should always use a powershot, hit as hard as possible away from you, otherwise you possibly could make a good fit for your opponent towards the opponent's goal. In addition, you should always pass as early as possible to ward off, especially before going to the wall next to your goal.

- Use the walls: If you ride high on the wall and jump off the side, then you can create your long jumps and with a little practice to ward off the ball well or even score a goal.

- Try the ball when starting to make possible to the center, when you meet the right or left, it may be that it ends up somewhere where it was not supposed to end up.

- Don’t play the ball when you see that an opponent in front of you will be on the ball.

- Use the drift button along with the boost to quickly turn or to drift and continuing going backward (while opposite strike).

- You can also press the defenses against the wall of the ball. This creates a PowerShot and the ball flips away so fast that the opponent is not as fast.

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