The Division (Incursions): Loot Trading between players - guide

The Division, with the free update patch 1.1 "Incursions" you can now trade with other players. However, the trading system is subject to certain conditions, which we want to show you in this guide.

The Division: How the trading system works

In The Division, trading with other players is easy. You just let fall an item, and your exchange partners must pick that, so it ends up in inventory. If an object on the floor, you recognize it at the glowing light that reaches far upwards. The different colors show you the quality of the item.

However, as already mentioned, you have to hold to certain rules, if you want to act. We will show you below all the contradictions for action.

You can only replace objects that have been dropped by enemies. They must also lie on the floor. If they are correct, you see a glow body, similar to a cylinder which extends horizontally towards the sky.

Other conditions for action with other players you see below:

- You have only two hours to give the recorded item to your group member.
- You can trade the loot only to a group member, even if he was at the time there when you have picked up the item.
- Hurry up because other players can steal the loot.
- In the Dark Zone safe areas are now surfaced in which the thefts can be avoided.
- The team member who has received the trade item, it is unable to continue exchange.

Most players probably annoyed that they cannot pass items on to other players that they have received as they played alone. However, this system is intended to make clear that each player has to fight for his own items and he does not get them free. So it is good for balancing of The Division - otherwise there would have been a huge black market with Loot, operate the player who traded him low.

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