The Division (Incursions): Supply Drops: Replenishment Delivery

In Tom Clancy's The Division, the replenishment deliveries are performed every hour. Following the announcement that such a delivery is in the approach, then you have five minutes until the box disappears. Therefore, you should be fast. However, the replenishment delivery is guarded by at least a named boss and 5 more golden opponents.

Replenishment Delivery: With these tips you will get the content of the supply box

- Once the information appears that a helicopter with a replenishment delivery is on the way, you should be quick and run to the point. Both the position of the replenishment delivery and the current status can see on your map, so that the delivery is already landed. Or whether another player is already on your turn.

- The best chance to get at the crate, if you are operating in the group. The difficulty lies in having the time to open the box and then also to keep the enemy at bay. The opening alone needs at least 5 to 8 seconds in which you cannot even defend.

- Attempt to clean the area in advance when already other players or NPCs are close by.

- Try also luring the opponent, so that one of your teammates can reach the supply crate and grab the item quickly.

- The luring away can also be useful elsewhere: So you can destroy the enemies alone in order not to attract the masses to you.

- Godsend: Sometimes the individual clans fight among themselves. This may also be the case if they actually watch the replenishment delivery. Seize the moment and not an effort. Sneak instead of the back of the box and go to them quickly. Grab the loot and then disappear as quickly as possible. But Pay Attention: The Dark Zone you pursue the enemy; normally until they find you. So Hide, seek a way out of the Dark Zone or take you good coverage and defending yourself.

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