Controls / Commands - Shadow of the Beast (PS4): guide

Reworked version of the 16-bit classic video game, Shadow of the Beast, released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The title retains many of the elements that consecrated with cutting-edge graphics and better gameplay.

However, it can be difficult for beginners to get used to the complex command / Controls of Shadow of The Beats. Even with gameplay in 2D, there are still elements that need attention. Therefore, we listed here the most frequently used controls and commands that help you speed up your gameplay.

Attacking and defending

Shadow of the Beast brings a very similar mechanics with other 2D action games. Basically there is only attack commands and defense. The "Square" button causes the character to perform a normal attack. Now the Triangle, it makes an attack that stuns enemies.

You can throw the opponent using the ball button. In addition to playing the enemy away, you can also use it to reach other creatures behind him. R1 button locks the opponent’s attacks can also be avoided by using the right stick to hold an action.

At one point in the game, the character acquires weapons to help in the fighting. To activate them, simply press the R2 button, and to deliver attacks, just hit with Square button. Pay attention, as some have specific functions to be displayed on the screen.

Using special skills

In addition to the basic commands of attack and defense, the character also has special abilities. With R2 + Square, it sucks the energy from his opponent, and R2 + Triangle, restores yours.

There is also a counter-attack command, and it takes skill to find the right time to do it. That is when your opponent attacks you, you must press R1 + Square at the exact time of the coup to defend and then counterattack.

Finally, there is the special move, which must be activated by pressing L1 + R1. However, we need to fill the special bar, located at the bottom left. Simple special skills cost a bar, and the special needs of three.

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