Doom 4: multiplayer - best loadouts and classes tips

In our multiplayer guide to Doom we'll show you what loadout combinations work best? Lest you lose track, we have summarized in individual classes, where you can familiarize in no time. So make sure that you take the loadout that matches your playing style
in Doom.

Table of Contents

1 Entry
2 Ultra-Aggressive
3 The Defensive Player
4 Sniper
5 The Fast Shadows

Entry - Quick leveling and fast weapons

Weapons: Heavy Assault Rifle, Shotgun
Gadget: Grenade
Hack modules: Wingman, bounty, osmosis, armor / gain

Explanation: This loadout is best suited for the first few hours of Doom. Apart from the level requirement for the hack modules, you have all the items from the beginning. The rifle is the good compromise between damage and precision and should provide all shooter players who have not yet happy with Doom. Use a grenade to take groups of enemies under attack or individual opponents in bottlenecks. The hack modules, however, are designed to rapidly climb through the ranks to the top. Work with the other players to farm experience points quickly.

Ultra-Aggressive - Attack is the best defense

Weapons: Shotgun, Lightning Gun, Rocket Launcher
Gadget: Grenade or Teleporters
Hack Modules: power Owned, Scouts, Shield, Unlimited Ammo, Magnet

Explanation: With this you will lead a fight after another and plunge into the fray again. Thanks to shotgun and rocket launcher or flash gun you share it from enormous damage and in melee always a step ahead. In addition, you get yourself with Mach Owned the power-ups as now the respawn gets displayed. Anyone who wants to cause a great deal of damage with his enemies and thus turn the game, select unlimited ammo and bullets. However, the hack shield is extremely important, especially with the combination of grenades, rocket launcher and shotgun, as their usual havoc you over the short distance cause too much damage.

The defensive player - The strength is to be found in serenity

Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Chaingun
Gadget: Shield Wall, Suction Grenade
Hack Modules: Synchronization, Power Owned, Shield, Demonic Haste

Explanation: The team player under the build is focused on the defensive. Thanks to Plasma Rifle (second fire mode) and rocket launchers you keep your enemies at bay. Even you can use the Chaingun for defending a target. Also the shield wall protects your bottlenecks before breaking through the enemy or sucking them from the grenade energy that benefits yourself. Thanks to synchronization and Demonic - you have to keep track of your fellow players and can support. You should get close to him quickly and have more control over the opponents who are struck him in the back.

Sniper - Clean up the battle from behind

Weapons: Vortex Gun or Stasi Gun, Shotgun
Gadget: Teleporters Threat Sensor
Hack Modules: Vital Signs, Blood Trail, Scout, Synchronization

Explanation: Of course, the sniper has a corresponding gun in his luggage. Whether Vortex or stasis, it depends on the style of play. If you are a quiet sniper, you can take the Vortex, if you are always on the move, then take the Stasi cannon. It is especially important, however, pack a good weapon for close combat. A shotgun will help relieve onrushing opponents. Particularly important is the mobility through the teleporter. So you can go quickly to elevated positions and have an advantage. In addition, you must bring vital signs and blood trail. With this you see wounded enemies for two seconds and add their remaining energy. That makes your job as a sniper lot easier.

The fast shadows - Fast movements and deadly ambushes

Weapons: Shotgun, Light Shot
Gadget: Teleporters, Tesla Rocket, Hologram
Hack Modules: Counterintelligence, Scouts, Retaliation, Dodge, Alarm

Explanation: This build is only on speed and the movement behind the enemy lines. With strong arms and the hack modules that always tell you the position of different opponents, you can turn the enemies and clean up from behind.

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  1. When I try to pick a Hack Module in the Menue, they're all displayed in dark grey. At the left side of the screen it says 'slot A- None; slot B- None' and so on. It is not possible to choose a Hack Module. Whats wrong? I'm Level 11.

  2. Some sort of shotgun will assist minimize onrushing enemy. In particular significant would be the ability to move throughout the teleporter. To help you to head out easily to help enhanced postures and have absolutely a plus. Also, you will need to carry critical signals in addition to our blood trek. On this you observe wounded predators for two moments in addition to create the left over strength.


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