DOOM 4 runes trials, upgrades and locations

Runes offer probably the best way of improving your character in Doom. They mainly affect your style of play, but also your equipment. From the fourth mission in the campaign you can complete the runes trials, consisting of small, difficult or less difficult challenges.

Runes can be found hidden behind a large rock with a luminous green inscription. If you collect all the runes, then you can also get two trophies.

Runes Trial # 1 - Vacuum rune

Location: Mission 4 (Argent Facility) - Runes trial can be found at the beginning of the mission. You can see already the glowing rune stone from afar. To get this, on the platform to the column jump to the other side and go into the cave-like area where the runes trial just waiting for you.

Task: Kill 15 Imps using the shotgun. You have to do it within 10 seconds. With each kill you get two seconds to 4 seconds at Glory Kills.

Reward: The Rune "Vacuum rune" - It increases the distance record in dropped items.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by 300 dropped items.

Runes Trial # 2 - Dazed and Confused

Location: Mission 4 (Argent Facility) – After you climb up to the top freight station to reach the second Argent filter, head to the bigger garage similar areas on the left side. There is massive cargo carrier, dispersed over three hangars. Go into the empty hangar and climb to the conveyor belt, where you will find the runes trial.

Task: Destroy 30 barrels using the gun. For this you have six seconds time, Each barrel you get 2 seconds.

Reward: The Rune "Dazed and Confused" - prolong the drowsiness of demons.

Upgrade the Rune: Performs 25 Glory Kills, from top to improve the rune, then the demons are dazed longer.

Runes Trial # 3 - Ammo Boost

Location: 5. Mission (Argent-Tower) - you can see the runes trial light at the beginning of the mission, but you cannot even touch it. Because first you have to get the appropriate double-jump. Once you have it, you have to back to the entrance and from there jump on a lead. Once you have reached the top, you should turn left and then jump down to the runes trial.

Task: You have 6 seconds time to kill 30 opponents with the Super Shotgun. Each Kill you get 2 seconds credit.

Reward: The Rune "Ammo Boost" - It increases the amount of ammunition that receive from demons, or any object.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by absorb 500 times ammunition. To give you the chance that BFG ammo drops from demons.

Rune Trial # 4 - Equipment Boost

Location: 5. Mission (Argent-Tower) - Run up the tower until you reach a room with the moving platforms. It seems as if there at one point is missing a wall. Jump out there on a narrow ledge. The runes trial is located there.

Task: Kill 10 Monster using the normal shotgun with explosive barrels next to them go up let. For this you have 12 seconds time. Each kill you get 3 seconds.

Reward: The Rune "Equipment Boost" - It increases the effectiveness of equipment.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by 30 pieces of equipment. The upgrade improves the efficiency of your equipment.

Runes Trial # 5 - Seek and Destroy

Location: 6. Mission (Kadingir Sanctuary) - After you get the blue and the yellow skull! Enter the large, open arena, which is full with Mancubus daemons. After you have eliminated all there opponents, look around. You find a small cave, which is located next to the bloody sacrificial region. In there you will find also the rune-stone next to field Drone that leads you to Rune Trial.

Task: Take your heavy assault rifle to weaken opponents and lead this then from Glory Kills - 'Death from Above'. You must kill 3 hell knights and you have 30 seconds. Pro Kill you get 20 seconds.

Reward: The Rune "Seek and Destroy" - With their help you achieve a Glory Kill from a greater distance.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by killing 75 demons with Glory Kills. This increases range on Glory Kills.

Runes Trial # 6 - Savagery

Location: 6. Mission (Kadingir sanctuary) - After you get the blue and the yellow skull, head back to where you had found the yellow. Nearby which there is a door. Once you get open the blue door use the floating platforms to reach the pad. There you get to Rune Trial.

Task: You must kill oncoming enemies using the super shotgun along the way. But you have to do within 5 seconds. Each kill you get 4 seconds added.

Reward: The Rune "Savagery" - With its help you lead the Glory Kills faster.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by 25 unique Glory Kills while Rune "Savagery" is equipped. So you can continue to increase the Glory Kills speed.

Runes Trial # 7 - In Flight Mobility

Location: Mission 7 Hell On Mars mission - (Argent Facility Destroyed) - Jump to the beginning of the mission in that area down, in which a cylinder-like building is and look towards the bottomless pit. There is a raise rock on which the rune stone is the entrance to the runes trial.

Task: Collect all 15 Hell Relics and reach the altar, before the timer runs of in 16 seconds. Each relic you collect you get 1 second.

Reward: The Rune "In Flight Mobility" - It offers you a significantly increased movement control in air after a double jump.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by killing 30 demons while "in air". This gives you a better control of movement in the single jump.

Runes Trial # 8 - Armored offensive

Location: Mission 7 Hell On Mars mission - (Argent Facility Destroyed) - The Rune is located at the end of the level before you reach the helipad (Arena). You will thereby come to a kind of balcony with a walkway. The helipad is now in the right. The rune is however on the left side. To get this, jump to the left to a lower altitude transition. Encircle the area to find the stone with runes Trial.

Task: Kill all 8 enemies using shotgun. For this you have 70 seconds time. The difficulty is that you only have one life and must survive alone with your arms.

Reward: The Rune "Armored offensive" - With this Rune now Glory Killing demons drop arms.

Upgrade the Rune: you can improve this rune by collecting 2500 points for your armor. After properly drop more armor, if you scored Glory Killings.

Runes Trial # 9 - Blood Fueled

Location: Mission 8 (Advanced Research Complex) - After you've fought the Cyber Mancubus for the first time, you must press a button on the terminal. Thus, the security area is lowered. This in turn removes the force field to the tube on and opens a door in the arena in front of the terminal compartment. Go through this door and you will find the runes trial.

Task: Kill all 15 enemies who stand in your way using the assault rifle. However, you have limited movement available for this, 3 seconds after a kill. Overall, you have 60 seconds and +3 per kill.

Reward: The Rune "Blood Fueled" - If you have achieved a Glory Kill, then you can run quickly for a short time.

Upgrade the Rune: To upgrade you must kill 50 demons while you have the Speed Boost / speed boost. After the upgrade you can run even longer / faster for a Glory Kill.

Runes Trial # 10 - Intimacy is Best

Location: Mission 8 (Advanced Research Complex) - Collect BFG- weapon and go back to the big white lobby, where you will find the terminal switch in the middle. There, on the right side of an unlocked door that leads you into a space on the wall. Take this way to grab the Rune.

Task: Complete 8 Imps each with a Glory Kill using your gun. You have 20 seconds and gain 3 seconds per Glory Kill.

Reward: The Rune "Intimacy is Best" - Thanks a higher damage resistance, demons are changed to Glory Friendly.

Upgrade the Rune: To upgrade this rune you must stagger 100 Demon reel. The demons have now been dazed after upgrading with less damage.

Runes Trial # 11 - Rich Get Richer

Location: Mission 9 (Lazarus labs) - Behind the field-Drone there is an area with workstations on the right side, where a few obsessive monsters lurk on you. Kill them and walk through the door on the left, which leads you into a small hallway. Here you should find a hatch at the bottom. Come to the hatch to open it and crawling through the vent in order to achieve the rune-stone for trial.

Task: Kill 14 opponents using the rocket launcher in 90 seconds or less time. Ammunition can be found only within the arena, here, you won’t get drop from eliminated opponents.

Reward: The Rune "Rich Get Richer" - If you have 100 armor or more, then consume your standard weapon using this rune when firing ammunition.

Upgrade the Rune: Load your armor to 12 x which will unlock 75 armor

Runes Trial # 12 - Saving Throw

Location: Mission 9 (Lazarus labs) - Leave the sacrificial region / sacral area and move through the hall to the shutdown of the reactor Lazarus. Run on the two corridors past the bronze / gold trim and go to the right in the break room. There is an opening that leads you both to an elite guard as well as the final runes trial.

Task: Here you Armed with the Gauss cannon / rifle. You have again only one life point. Ammunition can be found in the arena. Now you have to struggle a bit to get hold of the last Rune: You now have 35 seconds to kill 9 opponents. Each killed enemy adds two seconds to your total timer.

Reward: The Rune "Saving Throw" - With this rune you get one chance of surviving a deadly attack and restore health. At death, the chance will reset it.

Upgrade the Rune: After upgrading you will receive an additional saving throw per life.

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