Fallout 4: Far Harbor all endings and decisions guide

Fallout 4: Far Harbor (new DLC) provides you a new story in which your decisions affect the different endings. Depending on the ending, you will be rewarded (Perks) differently. In our guide, we show you how to achieve all the endings in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.

Decisions for Factions

Overall, you have two options: either you decide to separate factions on Far Harbor or not. If your decision on one or two of the three factions, you can destroy the other. Decide for any of the groups, you can destroy all or unite all. In the following we describe you what ends you will see, when you make appropriate decisions in faction. What Kasumi Nakano terms: Remember again to talk to her before you leave the island. No matter what she tells you at the encounter, then you go to her father and told him about her.

All endings: Cleansing the Land (Children of Atom)

The decision for the children of atom causes you to destroy Far Harbor. For this you have to complete the mission Cleansing the Land. Manipulate the turbines to destroy the city. With this decision you receive reward from the children of the atom “Inquisitor of Atom perk” - (suffered radiation increases your damage). Or if you decide to go against them and use the nuclear launch codes to destroy them. In this way, you get the reward: Piece of Atom’s Bulwark armor.

All endings: Acadia

Have you already helped in the main game of the Railroad and be real synth fans, then meet your decision for synths. Tell the Railroad of their existence on Far Harbor. You have to do more then cooperate with DiMA, the synth in its consciousness you need to solve puzzles. Are you synths contrary and want to see in every corner of their death, then you can decide to go against them in Far Harbor. Their hiding place must be destroyed, and need to inform about the synths to the Brotherhood of Steel or to the institution. In addition, you should reveal the truth about Captain Avery. If you decide to back up the synth, you can expect the following:

Perk: Destroyer of Acadia - Increases 30 seconds your attack power, if you are seriously injured
Sniper rifle: Lucky Eddy: Increases the attribute luck by 2 points.

All endings: Reformation (Best Peaceful Ending)

Are you more type of a peaceful guy, then there is an important decision to make: help DiMA. In this way all factions will survive. You have to complete the following steps:

- During the quest The Way Life Should Be tell DiMA the truth about Captain Avery and let him know that he did the right thing.
- He proposes to repeat the same thing before with TEKTUS and in this way the quest Reformation starts.
- Complete this and let DiMA to take control over the entire island
- You are rewarded with the Perk Protector of Acadia and thus gain a bonus to energy resistance and damage, if you have very little life energy.

Far Harbor: The End

As enemy of every species your decisions can simply take entirely against all on this island. The downside: you go this way you collect a lot of perks and kill Kasumi Nakano at the same time. Want to know how to do that?

- Destroy nucleus with the nuclear launch codes.
- Destroy Far Harbor on the wind farm by Tempest use at the terminal 03.
- Go to Maxson on the airship Prydwen and tell him about Acadia. He will destroy the hiding place.

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