Fallout 4 Far Harbor: find best weapons - locations

Fallout 4: Far Harbor, the new expansion brings many new weapons. From bowling balls to radioactive sledgehammer, a lots of funky stuff here. In our guide, we show you the locations of the best weapons in DLC "Far Harbor".

December’s Child

This new light gun has increased rate of fire by 25% and increased reload speed by 15%. You can find it at the end of the main quest "Best Left Forgotten". Here you have the headquarters of the Vim company! check at a terminal exist. Have you met Nick Valentine here, He will help you. The exact way to weapon December's Child you see in the following video.

Lever Action Rifle and Harpoon Gun

The Lever Action Rifle is one of the new weapons in the DLC Far Harbor, which you can find either in a standard version or as a legendary version on the island. The gun has a long range with good values in shooting accuracy and damage. The normal version you get from stores or normal enemies as Drop. The legendary version will receive you as a drop of a Mirelurk-queen who you met during the quest "Rite of Passage". More you can see in the video.

You can you also buy the harpoon gun at dealerships in Far Harbor. The gun caused great damage, but requires a long time to recharge.

Atom’s Judgement

This melee weapon is a radioactive sledgehammer, causing both physical damage and radiation damage. There are four expiring Fusion cores at its peak. The use of atom's Judgement has no negative effect on you. You get the hammer on a quest for the Group of the children of the atom. For details you can see in the following video.

The Striker

The Striker looks like a Fatman, but uses bowling balls as ammunition. You can collect every ball for a shot and use again and again. Shot with the Striker also have a 50% chance to cripple the target's legs. You can find the Striker Beaver Creek Lanes in a bowling center, located slightly southwest of Far Harbor. The exact location you can see in the following video.

Take the chance in the bowling center equal to take a couple of balls as ammunition. But keep in mind that they are quite heavy and require a lot of inventory space.

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