Fallout 4 Survival Mode: tips for survival (update 1.5)

Here, we show you what fundamental changes await you with the introduction of the Survival mode in Fallout 4 (update 1.5). In addition to the lack of quick trips, stronger disease and hunger, you will also suffer from thirst. Opponents and the creatures cause increased damage while your attacks affect fewer enemies. So you suffer more damage during the healing (Stimpacks etc.) your health regenerates much less. Save remains in Survival Mode of Fallout 4, only just by bedtime. Your health also suffers when you have an excessive load. Check out the following tips and survival in Fallout 4 Survival Mode will be easier for you.

Survive in the Wasteland

The following list outlines you tips to survive if you are traveling in the Wasteland / Badlands in the Survival mode of Fallout 4.

- Send Dogmeat in search of useful items that will help you survive in survival mode of Fallout. 4

- You are already aware of the Nuclear storms and you know that there are few hiding places. Use Rad-X and clothing, which reduce the radiation absorption. You enter a building, in which it comes to loading times after opening the door, you are in safe.

- Try to use as few hits as possible and shifting your tactics to crawl. Every enemy that you kill from ambush and inflict no harm to you, you will save the consumption of essential items.

- When you encounter little monsters in wasteland you can hide in elevated positions (boxes, etc.). From there you can eliminate your enemies in peace.

- Have you been collected every scrap to advance your settlements, this will not be as simple as that. Think about exactly what you need and what should remain perhaps are better.

- You should also decide which weapon, equip and the corresponding ammunition you carry. The times of ammunition hoarding are over.

Eating and Drinking in Survival Mode

Follow these tips if you want to get the maximum efficiency out of your food and water.

- In your search for scrap, you will probably have not paid much attention particularly empty bottles and containers. Now you should collect them, because you can fill them with water.

- Boiled water and food, so your food and water will be clean and safe. If you are one of the numerous vaults, then you can use the water from the sink, since this is clean.

- Build the perk of lead stomach. Thereby you will take less to no radiation (depending on level) with the consumption of food to you.

- The Perk cannibal will mean that you are suffering from Dark Craving, and then rely on human flesh. You will then need to eat corpses to survive, which is not always possible.

General Tips and Tricks for Survival mode

- Check regularly your Pip Boy, because states are displayed here. So you learn in advance if you are suffering from a disease.

- Rebuild the attribute strength, so you can carry more with you. Thereby you will also be able to protect your health.

- Customize and build good and sturdy beds, because these provide better sleep.

- Add the pharmacist perk in order to produce your own antibiotics. In this way you can cure some diseases. Medications can be found at various locations in the Badlands.

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