Mishka, Gracie, Duke dogs locations in Fallout 4 Far Harbor

In Fallout 4: Far Harbornew (DLC) , you can find and buy guard dogs: Mishka, Gracie and Duke, these mutant dogs you can’t take as companions like Dogmeat along on your adventures but you can let them patrol your settlements. In our guide, we show you the locations of these guard dogs on the island and how you can unlock them.

All guard dogs are sold by the NPC Erickson. This strange Supermutant with wolf hat can be found at the crash site of Horizon Flight 1207 southwest of Far Harbor. The wreckage of the aircraft you see from afar and it should be easy to find.

When you start a conversation with Erickson, you ask for the dogs (you can select from the menu Stay Calm). He trains these watchdogs and wants to sell. Mishka, Gracie and Duke each cost 250 caps and you can buy all three. However, they don’t available as a direct companion such as Dogmeat. After purchasing you must decide in which of your settlements you want to send the dogs where they then automatically patrol and fend off enemies.

Do you want to buy a second copy of the same watchdog, then you must wait one to two weeks in-game time. As long as it takes until Erickson has trained new watchdogs. The following video shows you again the exact location of NPC Erickson and guard dogs.

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