Recruit Old Longfellow as companion - Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Fallout 4: Far Harbor briefly tells the story of the old Longfellow, who has lived earlier in one of the numerous vaults and has currently established as a fisherman on the island. Fortunately, you meet the new companion early in the game. We show you below what Longfellow likes and dislikes, so you can increase your relationship level with the new recruited companion.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Where do you find Longfellow?

At the beginning of the new DLC, you come to the island of Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Follow the below steps to find the new companion Longfellow:

- Go into the bar last plank where the new companion in Fallout 4: Far Harbor sits at a table.
- Speak to Longfellow and entertain him until he has nothing more to say.
- Then he will agree to take you to Acadia

Skills and equipment of Longfellow

The new companion Longfellow is a fisherman in hunter jacket. In combat, he supports you with a lower lever rifle, which uses two different types of ammunition 45 - 70 caliber.

Longfellow: Increase relationship level

You should definitely not take the side of the children of the atom, unless you want to improve the relationship with Longfellow. Make your decisions so go always against them and you will score points with the old fisherman. Generally, Longfellow is nice and helpful companion, which is why you should improve the relationship with Longfellow with good and charismatic decisions. The following table shows you the effects of various actions on your friendship with Longfellow:

Longfellow: Likes and Dislikes

Drink alcohol - Positive
Pick locks - Positive
Money - Positive
To take drugs - Negative
Kill - Negative
Steal - Negative

Romance with Longfellow

You can’t romance with the new companion, Longfellow, in Fallout 4: Far Harbor, but you can still have a great bonus unlocked if you could enhance the relationship to maximum. If you build your relationships with Longfellow stronger, it unlocks the following perk:

Hunter knowledge: Reduce damage and power resistance in animals and sea creatures.

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