Table Top Racing: (TTR) World Tour - all cars at a glance

In Table Top Racing: World Tour you can race with 12 ultra cool miniature racing cars through lovingly crafted table ensembles. Here you have 20 different race tracks available, which you can leave in the championship mode or by special events. You even have the option of using up to 8 players to race and to make your mini cars on display. In this guide we give you an overview of all the cars that available to choose in Table Top Racing: World Tour.

In Table Top Racing: World Tour, the cars are divided into three categories:

- Cult Classics (Amateur)
- Street Racer (Contributor)
- Supercars (Expert)

Cult Classics (Amateur)

In this category you will find the amateur and thus the entry-level cars, with which you only earn respect on the track and of course can collect some money to upgrade to more expensive, better cars.


Cost: 12,850 coins

As a start-car like this small van initially be somewhat cumbersome, but it comes quick trips and then proves its ability to be quite solid and stable racing car, which has a long tradition of success. The drift capacity of Leviathan is bad.

Braking's Bad

Cost: 13,600 coins

This little caravan is convincing not only with a funny name: Though it is a bit cumbersome, but it is a real challenge for already experienced drivers, because it is not quite as easy to master. Nevertheless, it can be quite fast. The drift capacity of Braking's Bad is good.

Bug Rat

Cost: 12,500 coins

The Bug Rat recalls a beetle. It proves to be an excellent entry-level car, because it is a reliable racing machine. It drifts ability is average.


Cost: 15,300 coins

The Brawler is a chic, classic muscle car from America. It has not only style, but also power and consequently crass stamina, especially when it should be closely times. For beginners the Brawler is trickier because the car tends to under steer slightly. Its drift ability is good.

Street Racer (Contributor)

In this category you will find even better racing machines and also cost more coins.

Rally's Cool 72

Cost: 54,000 coins

This car is a classic rally car, but just in miniature format. In the world of Table Top Racing the Rally's Cool is a legend and its fun. The drift capacity from Rally's Cool 72 is excellent.

Treemaster CO2

Cost: 56,800 coins

Its features: Powerful, tough and has a lot Grip. What would say only the environment for this CO2-spitting monster? Who cares?! We finally go around with it only on the screen and there it is in its element and travel to every top notch race track. Nevertheless, its drift capacity is poor.

Tokyo Zero Stage 2

Cost: 58,500 coins

This Street Racer proves all-round talent, because it is fast and makes insane fun. It has a pleasant overdrive. The drift capacity of Tokyo Zero Stage 2 is also good.


Cost: 56,500 coins

This yellow racer has stark grip and can accelerate as madness super sports car. Nevertheless, you should not get carried away with it. The drift capacity from Widowmaker is average.

Supercars (Expert)

Now we come to the special treats in Table Top Racing: World Tour. For these cars you should have a little saved. However, if you have the stark Streaker once, then you hold nothing and no one on and you let all the other racing cars far behind you back.


Cost: 140,000 coins

Fauxrari especially convincing in appearance as a miniature version of the well-known Ferrari. Its drift capability is unfortunately bad.

Vulcano JBS

Cost: 165,000

This proud race car is very elegant from the outside, but from the inside, it proves that it is a muscle man, that has strong grip and brings a lot of horsepower. The drift capacity from Vulcano is however very poor.

Mc Handful P16

Cost: 186,500 coins

With this one you have to put all your skills to the test, because it is a fierce racer, you should have under control. It is one of the fastest cars in Table Top Racing: World Tour. The drift capacity from Mc Handful is good.

Zomg A

Cost: 215,000 coins

This is the most expensive runabouts. It is a rarity among the race car at Table Top Racing: World Tour, insanely fast, with tons of grip and therefore this car should be used cautiously. It has a good drift capability.

Upgrade and Customize your Racing Car in Table Top Racing: World Tour

You have the option to Upgrade and Customize each car in Table Top Racing: World Tour such as:

- Acceleration
- Armor
- Speed and
- Tires (for drift-ability)

Moreover, you can even repaint your car to get a personal touch.

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