Table Top Racing World Tour: farm hidden coins - locations

The hidden coins are the perfect way to make / farm quick cash in Table Top Racing: World Tour. The Fun-Racer is available free for PlayStation Plus members and lets you collect bronze, silver and golden coins in hidden places on the path. We show you all the hidden coins locations below.

In the game, hidden coins are available in different versions with different values

- Bronze coins: 10.000
- Silver coins: 25.000
- Golden coins: 50.000

In every theme world you can find and collect coins. However, for some you need the "Boing" wheel. This allows you in printing the square / X button in the race to make a small jump. So you can climb unattainable heights with coins and collect them. The wheel set cost you 100,000 gold coins. So you have to run a couple of races to raise the necessary money. However, you can find some of the hidden coins in Table Top Racing World Tour even without the "Boing" wheel.

For collecting all the hidden coins you also get the achievements and trophies Bronze, Silver spoon and Gold Standard.

Theme: Unthinkable

Track / Route A - Bronze coin: on a sandwich, you need the Boing wheel to get this.

Track / Route C - Bronze coin: After the first corner you can leave a ramp down when crashing into the ice cubes. Then drive in the next round up the ramp and collect the coins on the way.

Track / Route C - Bronze coin: You stumble upon many cuts of meat / steaks, but you can drive with a bit of maneuvering to reach the coin.

Track / Route C - Gold coin: Follow the upper path ahead and destroy the barrier on the bridge with a missile, you can collect another coin in the area.

Track / Route C - Silver coin: Here you will encounter petrol can either you can blast it away with a rocket or drive past the gap to the right to collect the coin.

Track / Route C - Silver coin: Jump from the platform now at the other end on the baguette with another coin.

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