The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Places of Power locations, maps

In the second expansion for the The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine, you can rediscover Places of Power, their activation gives you a skill point and temporarily strengthens a special Witcher characters. Do you need points for new skills in the expansion, then it is worth to search and find the stone sculptures right at the beginning of the new area Toussaint.

Some Places of Power are well hidden, while others are free in the open field. The latter are thereby usually guarded by monsters and creatures. So be careful when you approach them.

The Witcher 3: Places of Power

Places of power are ancient stone structures that carry a great power in itself and can be activated by Geralt of Rivia. Each rock dwells the power of the five Witcher characters Igni, Yrden, Axii, Aard, and Quen that merge when activated and increase your character intensity for 30 minutes each. But even more important is that you get an additional skill point for the activation of the stones. These are usually important for level rise. Therefore, this is an invaluable advantage, and you should not miss them at the beginning of your adventure.

Where to find the Places Of Power?

After you have completed the prologue of The Witcher 3, you find yourself with Vesemir the first wide-area White Garden. Go to the village in the center of the Region and check out the notice board, symbolized by a yellow Zettel icon. Take all attacks, now appear many question marks on the world map. These symbolize the undiscovered locations and behind the six of these question marks hiding places of power. Beware, however, of the monsters that guard these places. Phenomena, bear and water women guarding the stone sculptures and must be defeated first, so you can inspect the stones alone. To make you search a bit easier, we have in the map below highlights all places of power with their respective Witcher characters.

Achievement for all Places of Power

The places of power are also important for the Achievement of Power Overwhelming.

To get the Power Overwhelming achievement, you have to possess all the space of power bonuses at the same time. Once you activate the first stone, you have 30 minutes to activate four more places of power. This is more than enough time to unlock this achievement.

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