Total War: Warhammer - beginner’s strategy guide / tips

With Total War Warhammer, the developer Creative Assembly goes into the next stage of its turn-based strategy video game series Total War. Here you can take control of one of the 4 different factions. For pre-orders or buyer of the first week there is even an additional Chaos Warrior as a reward. In this guide we give you an overview of the most important facts about Total War Warhammer.

Early in the game you have the choice between one of the four or five very different factions. Take the Greenskins into battle, you resist with the dwarfs, conquered with the factions, spread terror with the vampires or spread havoc with the Chaos warriors.

Have you chosen factions; then you can select which legendary commanders to lead your armies. So far, there are two different commanders for each faction. However, your decision is temporary importance, since you can unlock the second commander during the game and thus can provide him an army.

Settlements and Provinces in Total War - Warhammer

The areas of the game world are divided into provinces, which in turn consist of two to four settlements. You can develop all your settlements with several effects:

- Acceleration of growth
- Higher tax rate
- Better public policy
- Reduce recruitment costs
- Increase trade tariff


The growth has an effect on what buildings are available to you and how fast, new residents in a settlement. Expand your main building only with sufficient surplus.

Tax Rate

The tax rate varies depending on settlement. The higher growth of the settlement and the more people live there, drop the taxes from the higher which each turn flow into your treasury.

Public Policy

Public order indicates how faithful your residents are in a settlement. If free public policy to -100 threatened rebellion. Then you should establish a hostile army in your settlement. You can prevent this by limiting your corruption hostile faction; infrastructure building or consider the needs of your citizens.

Unlike predecessors of the Total War series, infrastructure buildings have exclusively positive impact on your public policy.

The building in Total War - Warhammer

Main Building

Regardless of the fraction, you have in the largest settlement of a province, a main building expand on stage 5. Each level will have access to new buildings for the settlement or new stages of development for existing buildings. All other settlements of a province can have only one main building to the maximum level of 3.

Other Buildings

For each of your building, there are three tabs:

- Infrastructure: impact on public policy, the reduction of corruption, the growth or production resources.
- Military recruitment: necessary for the formation of new units.
- Military support: fulfillment of requirement of training units.

Commanders, Heroes and Units in Total War - Warhammer

Units cannot autonomously roam the country. Each of them must be under a commander.


Your commander is the most important part of your army. Otherwise, you face with sharp decline in your leadership, consequently other units leave the battle very quickly. Further, he can also be killed, where you can expect the same result. All your units should flee, or have been killed, then the battle for you is lost.

Your commander can level up faster, giving him new skills. These affect both in battle (active and passive), and on the campaign map.


There are different types of heroes in every faction. The special thing about them is that they can both be part of an army, and alone can roam on the campaign map. You can then, for example, affect the public policies in provinces or sabotage settlements. Furthermore, they can attack enemy heroes or sabotage entire armies.

Just as the commander, the heroes have talent trees. There are two talent trees that are either specialized in influences on the campaign map or abilities during battle. So you can, for example, train for their endurance, so that they can survive longer, or even expand your leadership in order to attract more units to persist in a hard battle.


The hundreds of units in Total War - Warhammer is impressive. There are many, especially very different units. Besides ordinary archers and swordsmen, you have control over Goblins riding on spiders, gigantic giant catapults to scare wolves.

When using your troops, you should respect the different weighting of strengths and weaknesses:

- Swordsmen are very effective against archers or spearmen, but they are weaker against cavalry.
- Spearmen are much stronger than Cavalry.
- Particularly large units have a stronger effect when they are stuck in the middle of the battle.

A good tactic is to use combination of all in the army against any type of opponent.


If the Leadership value is high, the unit flees rarely of tight situations.


If a unit is wounded, it means that its number of warriors is not complete. If your commander is wounded, then there is an actual injury. You can cure wounds by dwell on your own territory. The time may vary depending on the extent of the injury. If your army in foreign territory on the go, it does not heal itself.

Differences with other titles of the Total War series

- If you recruit a commander, he is not in a unit, but forms himself. He is a lone warrior with special abilities.
- You can level up your commander and equip him with equipment (weapons, armor, talismans). This is even more effective.
- Heroes can even fight in battles, after being added to an army.

The Battles in Total War - Warhammer


You will get into an argument - it passes no way ... Fortunately! You always have before choosing whether you want to fight or flee. If you fight, you can battle automatically extend or plunge yourself into the fray. If several armies involved (not just two), you have the choice whether you want the entire force control or an army. If it is in the other armies around an allied group, you cannot control it.


In Total War - Warhammer there are different types of terrain. This can bring you advantage or disadvantage. For example: in a forest you can hide units to surprise your opponents. Hills offer advantages for the positioning of your army. Particularly ranged units benefit from an elevated position.

During the battle

A common feature in Total War is to affect the time. You could put a battle pause or be faster / run slower. Through a short break you can look, for example, provide a detailed overview of the flow of battle and distribute new commands.

Spell your commander must be actively used. Need magic that regenerates with time. Generally you should try positioning your enemies to use against them. Pay attention to the specializations and weighting of strengths and weaknesses. Be gentle with your wizards and commander - they are similar to giant.

After the battle

If the opposing faction is loosing their battle, and run away their last units? Then you get a look at the statistics of the fight. Your units will receive rewards and could possibly be transported. Also get their reward.


You will have most battles on the open field. But you will also encounter siege battles in large settlements. Here you have to overcome the walls and look after the ingestion of the settlement. Where it is not a siege, you step over the garrison of the settlement.

Differences with other titles of the Total War series

- Spells and abilities can be actively used in combat. Although it was also in predecessors skills "Morale boost", but no direct damage spells
- You decide for the automatic discharge of a battle, we cannot decide whether your army is acting aggressively, balanced or defensive.
- There is no tactical formations or manually fired arrows of archers.

Total War - Warhammer: The Spell

Your commander can apply a variety of spells, after they have learned them. The magic differ depending on the selection of the Group and the commander. The following spells we have summarized for you:

- Big Waaagh!: Explosive spell gains projectile spells.
- Lore of Metal: Maelstrom, reinforcements, bombardment, direct damage.
- Lore of Light: Reinforcement projectile spell, maelstrom, curses.
- Little Waaagh!: Maelstrom, curses, magic bullet, reinforcements.
- Lore of Death: Reinforcements, curses direct damage maelstrom.
- Lore of Vampire: Curses, reinforcements, basement spell Wind.
- Lore of Heavens: Bombardment, reinforcements, respiratory, maelstrom, curses.
- Lore of Fire: Reinforcements, projectile spell, bombardment, maelstrom.

We have summarized the individual magic for you:

- Reinforcement: Custom units are amplified. This includes speed, damage, armor, or vitality.
- Explosion Spell: Boom! An offensive spell chasing your enemies in the air.
- Curses: Enemies are weakened. This includes damage, speed, armor, vitality.
- Projectile spells: Spells that cover a distance from the wizard to target before they strike.
- Wind: Damage spells with large scope.
- Respiratory: Magic Damage with propagating teardrop attack.
- Direct damage: Damage spell that affects only the target.
- Maelstrom: Magic, the magic damage and more or less affected units.
- Bombardment: Damage spells, the raining down from the sky on your enemies.

The Technology Trees in Total War - Warhammer

Every faction has its own tech tree. These can be gradually explored or they are activated by certain units or buildings. The people have a wide range to choose from. This includes, tax or trading. It can be explored as well as improve for military or diplomacy. The largest technology tree has the dwarfs.

The study of the steps requires a different number of rounds. However, you can influence it by certain aspects. You should just explore any technology; you will be noted at the end of the round.

Total War - Warhammer: Diplomacy

At strong distinction of factions, it is surprising that diplomacy still plays a major role. You can sign with your neighbor’s trade agreements, non-aggression pacts or alliances. As in other parts of the Total War series, you have another opportunity to see enemies and friends to your vassals to make. Also, you can fix your allies on a particular destination.

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