UFC 2: Ultimate Team tips and strategy guide

In UFC 2: Ultimate Team, you can initially create up to five fighters. It's up to you how many characters actually you want to have and what fighting style they should have. In our guide we will show you the principle of Ultimate Team and give you useful tips.

UFC 2: What is Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team is a mode in which you create yourself up to five fighters and you can accompany them in your career from the beginning. These characters can deny their online and offline battles against other internally generated Ultimate Team Fighters. This gets you team points, coins and Fight Packs. If you want to play exclusively offline, then you need the official ranking and on some coins dispense because the rewards to online matches are bigger. By the way: you do not just play UFC 2, your created fighters are consulted for other fights. In this way you earn your rewards passively.

In addition to the Stats and Rankings, you are fighting for Fight packs that you can buy from Coins. In another guide we show you tips on how to quickly earn Coins. Why the Fight Packs are so important, read below to find out. Your Fighters deny a certain number of fights, until they get a title shot. Exactly how this works, you will learn it in the section title hunt below.

Fight Packs in Ultimate Team

In creating the characters you have initially no direct influence on their attributes. You will receive a starter Fight pack and can use the bonuses contained therein or resell. They contain custom character abilities, moves, attributes and various advantages.

Fight Packs Categories:

Technology: These cards include moves. If you taken a Move card, then you can teach the appropriate Move for one of your fighter.

Attributes: These are to be determined in style cards (Muay Thay, Jiu Jitsu etc.) for your fighter in UFC 2 Ultimate Team.

Virtue Upgrades: Each fighter in Ultimate Team is allocated Up to five assets. Benefits are comparable with perks.

Fitness: Health booster cards that will need urgently.

Training: These boosts are only use one time and bring you benefits for the next fight. Overall, you can use up to 2 training boosts per fighter.

The cards have different strengths and values, which you can see from the stars on the left side. In addition, the values are also color-coded and completely independent of the category of card. If the cards have more stars then they are more valuable.

Gray: 1 Star
Green: 2 stars
Blue: 3 stars
Red: 4 stars
Gold: 5 stars

Before you decide for assigning a Move to a fighter in Ultimate Team, look at the influence of the Skills. Stronger cards improve your attributes, but in return deteriorate others. Logically, some Jiu-Jitsu skills deteriorate once your karate skills improved. The advantages should always fit your fighting style and therefore blocked wisely.

In UFC 2 Ultimate Team, the exercise and fitness boosts are particularly important. After each battle falls the energy of your Fighters can be regenerated exclusively on fitness boosts. The training boosts bring you benefits for the next fight and the cards expire then. Pay attention here to the fact that you use the matching to your fighter and his style boosts.

Title Hunt: The champ of Ultimate Teams

You take part automatically on the title-hunting of the UFC 2 Ultimate Team. Overall, you have to win five fights in a row. The first three fights are qualify you for the challenge match. Then to the fourth fight. The winner of the challenge will fight to number 1 challenger and receives the fifth fight with the chance to win the title.

If you play exclusively offline, your title will be displayed. If you go online, your fighter will not have a title. This you must logically fight for you in the online mode from Ultimate Team. Once you are a champion, each other fight is a title defense, with their reward for long Winning Streaks.

Days Goals: Additional challenges in UFC 2

EA provides daily challenges for your Ultimate Team in UFC 2 that affect how you can earn extra coins and points.

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