A Miraculous Guide To Gwent, Find All Cards in The Witcher 3

"A Miraculous Guide To Gwent" is a new book that you can find in The Witcher: Blood and Wine. It helps you tremendously while still identify missing Gwent cards in your collection. In our guide, we’ll show you where to find the useful book and how it works

The Witcher 3: Gwint - A Miraculous Guide To Gwent

Do you already have many Gwent cards but don’t know exactly how many are missing or where you have to search exactly, here so far you have only a few possibilities.

Therefore, CD Projekt RED has released the book “A Miraculous Guide To Gwent” with the last patch to the game, although it won’t show you exact locations for every single card, but at least it lists the location by region. So the search is less frustrating.

You can get the book either of the following two ways:

- Defeat the Gwent gambling scholar at the tavern of White Orchard during the prologue. With him you learn the Gwent rules and he gives you the book as a reward if you defeat him in a game.

- Alternatively, you can buy the book for three crowns from the merchants in Novigrad, the northeast of the place of hierarch is located on the Plaza. At the same dealer you also get a potion of emptying to respec and redistributing your skill points.

Once you have the book you can have your own list, you can open it by double-clicking in the inventory and get separated by region.

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