Audio Logs / UrbEx Diaries Locations: The Division Underground

The latest DLC "Underground" is the first paid expansion for the Tom Clancy's The Division. The new DLC comes with new equipment sets, elevated Gear Score, new Heroic mode, new underground rank, new missions and collectibles. In our guide we will give tips for the locations of all 55 audio logs and 25 UrbEx Diaries.

Incidentally, the first pay-DLC "Underground" brings 5 new Achievements. One of these achievements, "Gone Spelunking," can get only if you find and collect all the audio logs and the urbEx Ddaries. The only problem is that the collection objects don’t really have a fixed location.

These audio logs and urbex diaries show you more about the background of the virus outbreak of Manhattan and what things are otherwise still happen - just as it was in the main game.

Nevertheless, the new collectable items differ from those in the underground in the main game. In the main game they had a fixed location. Now it is different: The audio logs and urbex diaries are located at random places, as well as the operations and missions are generated randomly. The design and level structure of each operation is different - that brings excitement to the game.

Here we have some useful tips and clues, where to find the audio logs and urbex diaries:

- You will always find a collectable subject in the first phase of operations.
- The audio logs and urbex diaries are often located in safe areas, ex: outside of the active combat areas. Often they are located near the ammunition boxes, and those can be found when you have run through about half of the first phase of the mission. Here you should thoroughly search.
- There are also collectible items in the second and third phase of the operation. But the chance is very rare.

Theoretically, you had to play 80% of the first phase of an operation to find all audio logs and urbex Diaries in The Division.

The following YouTube video shows more information / location of the audio logs and urbex diaries for the Tom Clancy's The Division underground.

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