Battlefield 1: guide to choose your class in Multiplayer

In Battlefield 1, you can choose between six different classes of your soldiers. For every taste there is a lead-out and you can watch the horrors of the First World War re-enacting.

With each respawn you can select your class in Battlefield 1, or change them. These include "normal" soldier classes and special classes.

The Support Class

One could also call the class "crusher". They are in the first row, throw grenades, lay mines, supplying other soldiers with ammunition and carrying the biggest machine guns.

The Scout

A very tactical class. You can act on the one in the background, and eliminate enemies with your sniper rifle or mark them for other opponents by flare gun, so your allies focus it. The Scout draws on a gun and also has a little armor-piercing ammunition for his gun, to cause damage to vehicles.

The Assault

This soldier has different SMGs, such as MP18 or Automatic M1918. In addition, he may have a more powerful weapon such as 10-A Shotgun. A special weapon is the Rocket Gun. He can indeed fire only from the crouch, or if he puts on a cover, but the damage is enormous. For the necessary explosive an antitank grenade is used.

The Paramedic

Armed with syringes and associations, this soldier save his comrades and resurrect to keep edges or extend the assault. In his defense he uses semi-automatic rifles. These include the M1907 SL and Cei-Rigotti.

The Tanker

As the name suggests, this soldier is the most dangerous in the tank. He has special skills in dealing with the steel giant. He can repair vehicles and customize equipment packs to the three different types of tanks (easy, medium, hard) while driving. The tank driving quite fast in Battlefield 1, but if you use him for repair vehicles, then you can not use him for battle.

The Pilot

The sky belongs to the pilot. Other soldier classes can take the wheel, but the pilot’s abilities benefit greatly. He can also repair his machines. Step into the game as a pilot, you spawn directly on the plane. During the flight, you can change your place as a pilot to use other features. This class heavily depends on carbine rifle C96.

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