Chrome Offline: play free browser games without internet

The Google browser Chrome offers several video games that can be played in offline (without internet connection). There are many popular browser games are available to choose from such as Cut the Rope, puzzles, card games, board, strategy, sports, action and more. So you can spend time in a fun way, while using the Google Chrome browser without internet connection. Items can be found in the Chrome Web Store for free. Here's step-by-step guide on how to use the apps.

Step 1. Access the Google browser Chrome Web Store. Then in the left side menu, select "Games" and then select the option "Chrome Apps". Finally select the text box next to "Runs Offline."

Step 2. You can filter by playing style in "Category". When you open the menu, select one of the items and wait for the load games.

Step 3. The games will be listed on icons on the right screen. Click on what you prefer to add to Google Chrome.

Step 4. Click the "Add to Chrome" button and then "Add" to apply the App in the browser. Note that in the description there is the item "Runs offline."

Step 5. Once the download is completed and the item is added to the Chrome then you can run the apps with or without Internet connection, just open the browser Apps (chrome: // apps /) and click on the added offline game. Note that the items available offline will be shown in color.

Step 6. The item will open in a separate window. In this example we use the Cut the Rope. Select the button to start or "Play" and play the traditional way without internet.

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