Dead by Daylight: all items, add-ons and perks guide

The survival horror video game, Dead by Daylight, from developer Behavior Interactive gives the chance of survivor or the killer to improve his or her ability by items / perks and add-ons.

You can see the items in the course of the game and even keep them as long as you find the way out of the enclosed forest as a survivor. Add-ons behave differently in this case, because they can be attached to items. Generally all of these perks are limited; if you survive or die, or run out of time the game. Here is the list of items, add-ons and perks.

Items and add-ons for the Killer

Trapper / Chuckles

- Trapper Bag: You start the game with an additional bear trap.
- 4 Coil Spring Kit: Improves your bear trap.

  • It is more difficult the case to escape.
  • The time for freeing is increased.
  • The time for set a trap is increased.
  • The effects apply to all cases alike.
- Serrated Jaws: The circulation of the victims is amplified until they were healed.
- Tar Bottle: The bear traps significantly more difficult to detect.
- Secondary Coil: Increase the time that is needed to sabotage bear traps.
- Longwood Dye: Darken the bear traps.

Hillbilly Add-Ons

- Rusted Chain: Increases required healing time of survivors who were caught by the chain saw.
- Chainsaw File: Slightly decrease the sound of the chain saw.
- Vegetable Oil: Slightly reduce the cooldown of the chain saw.

Killer Perks 

In addition, the killer still have perks that make it difficult to avoidable, survivors continue to seek safety.


- Unnerving Presence: His presence is frightening! Survivors around him nervous and the probability of error in case of sabotage or repair can be increased.
- Brutal Strength: He can destroy and break through obstacles faster due to the enormous strength of the trapper.
- Agitation: Increase speed when carrying bodies.


- Enduring: The Hillbilly is usually pain ... he recovers quickly from damage caused by objects.
- Lightborn: His vision is weakened, so he can endure a dazzling stronger.
- Tinkerer: Add-ons that have an effect on the decay time.


- Shadow Born: By living in the dark eyes of the Wraiths are trained to darkness. You see more, but can be even more dazzled.
- Bloodhound: The smell of blood is stronger and you can follow it almost anywhere.
- Predator: Footprints visible longer and the hillbilly and he can hear sounds and movements more clearly.

Items and add-ons for the Survivors

Medikit: Allows you to heal yourself or others.

- Butterfly Tape: Increase the healing time.
- Medical Scissors: Increase the healing rate.
- Bandages: Add additional charges.

Flashlight: With this you can stun or dazzle the killer.

- Wide Lens: Broaden the light beam and restricts the range.
- Focus Lens: Enhance the strength and range of the light beam and restricts the width.
- Power Bulb: Increase the glare effect against the killer.
- Low Amp filament: Reduce the power consumption.
- Leather Grip: Improve accuracy.
- Heavy Duty Battery: Add additional lighting time.

Toolbox: Can be used to destroy the hook of the killer or repair generators faster.

- Wire Spool: Add 50 extra charges.
- Metal Saw: Increase Sabotage speed.
- Clean Rag: Increase the repair speed.
- Common Rag: Increase the repair speed.

Map: you recognize on the map nearby objects for a short time.

- Retardant Jelly: Slow the combustion duration.
- Odd Stamp: Increase the range of the tracking ability.

Skeleton Key: Open the "Hatch," so you can escape.

- Eroded token: Expose the auras of the survivors.
- Prayer Robe: Add ten seconds usage time.

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