The survival horror video game, Dead by Daylight, from developer Behavior Interactive gives the chance of survivor or the killer to improve his or her ability by items / perks and add-ons.

You can see the items in the course of the game and even keep them as long as you find the way out of the enclosed forest as a survivor. Add-ons behave differently in this case, because they can be attached to items. Generally all of these perks are limited; if you survive or die, or run out of time the game. Here is the list of items, add-ons and perks.

Items and add-ons for the Killer

Trapper / Chuckles

- Trapper Bag: You start the game with an additional bear trap.
- 4 Coil Spring Kit: Improves your bear trap.

  • It is more difficult the case to escape.
  • The time for freeing is increased.
  • The time for set a trap is increased.
  • The effects apply to all cases alike.
- Serrated Jaws: The circulation of the victims is amplified until they were healed.
- Tar Bottle: The bear traps significantly more difficult to detect.
- Secondary Coil: Increase the time that is needed to sabotage bear traps.
- Longwood Dye: Darken the bear traps.

Hillbilly Add-Ons

- Rusted Chain: Increases required healing time of survivors who were caught by the chain saw.
- Chainsaw File: Slightly decrease the sound of the chain saw.
- Vegetable Oil: Slightly reduce the cooldown of the chain saw.

Killer Perks 

In addition, the killer still have perks that make it difficult to avoidable, survivors continue to seek safety.


- Unnerving Presence: His presence is frightening! Survivors around him nervous and the probability of error in case of sabotage or repair can be increased.
- Brutal Strength: He can destroy and break through obstacles faster due to the enormous strength of the trapper.
- Agitation: Increase speed when carrying bodies.


- Enduring: The Hillbilly is usually pain ... he recovers quickly from damage caused by objects.
- Lightborn: His vision is weakened, so he can endure a dazzling stronger.
- Tinkerer: Add-ons that have an effect on the decay time.


- Shadow Born: By living in the dark eyes of the Wraiths are trained to darkness. You see more, but can be even more dazzled.
- Bloodhound: The smell of blood is stronger and you can follow it almost anywhere.
- Predator: Footprints visible longer and the hillbilly and he can hear sounds and movements more clearly.

Items and add-ons for the Survivors

Medikit: Allows you to heal yourself or others.

- Butterfly Tape: Increase the healing time.
- Medical Scissors: Increase the healing rate.
- Bandages: Add additional charges.

Flashlight: With this you can stun or dazzle the killer.

- Wide Lens: Broaden the light beam and restricts the range.
- Focus Lens: Enhance the strength and range of the light beam and restricts the width.
- Power Bulb: Increase the glare effect against the killer.
- Low Amp filament: Reduce the power consumption.
- Leather Grip: Improve accuracy.
- Heavy Duty Battery: Add additional lighting time.

Toolbox: Can be used to destroy the hook of the killer or repair generators faster.

- Wire Spool: Add 50 extra charges.
- Metal Saw: Increase Sabotage speed.
- Clean Rag: Increase the repair speed.
- Common Rag: Increase the repair speed.

Map: you recognize on the map nearby objects for a short time.

- Retardant Jelly: Slow the combustion duration.
- Odd Stamp: Increase the range of the tracking ability.

Skeleton Key: Open the "Hatch," so you can escape.

- Eroded token: Expose the auras of the survivors.
- Prayer Robe: Add ten seconds usage time.

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